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Public services will remain high quality, says Olivia Chow

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Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow will present her first annual budget on February 1 as Toronto faces a $1.8 billion shortfall.


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The City of Toronto's preliminary budget, which plans to cut $620 million in spending over the next year, is being criticized by many. Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow, however, assures that Torontonians will always have access to quality services.

I have said it many times: I inherited a budget deficit of $1.8 billion, recalls the mayor. The City of Toronto must find ways to balance its budget.

The mayor assures that municipal libraries will not be affected since they represent an essential service to the population, according to her. She even wants to increase their opening hours.

One ​​of the proposed solutions would consist of cutting $16 million annually in the costs of clearing windrows of snow, these bands of snow thrown up by snowplows along streets and at intersections.

Municipal councilors believe, however, that without this service, the elderly and people with reduced mobility would be particularly disadvantaged.

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