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The meeting will be an opportunity to “talk face to face,” a union source tells us.

Public sector: a summit meeting this afternoon

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The President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, and the leaders of the Common Front will provide a face-to-face update on the state of negotiations between the government and public sector union members at the end of the afternoon. (Archive photo)

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The President of the Treasury Board , Sonia LeBel, and the leaders of the unions grouped within the Common Front – CSN, FTQ, CSQ and APTS – will meet face to face today with the aim of unblocking the talks at the negotiating table. p>

A summit meeting is planned for 4 p.m. this afternoon – an opportunity, a union source tells us, to talk face to face.

At this point in the negotiations, any meeting is good news, we hear again.

This meeting comes as the Common Front, which represents around 420,000 workers from different sectors, announced yesterday no less than seven new days of walkout, from December 8 to 14, warning at the same time that the next step would be a general strike unlimited.

The meeting will take place in person, and not by videoconference. Having rushed back from Dubai, where she was to participate in COP28, the president of the FTQ, Magali Picard, will therefore be able to attend. His plane landed in Montreal early this morning.

The three other leaders of the Common Front, François Enault (CSN), Éric Gingras (CSQ) and Robert Comeau (APTS) will also participate in the meeting.

Arriving at the Salon Bleu, Prime Minister Legault said he was happy to see that the two parties will be seated at the same table this afternoon. The government, he reiterated, is ready to improve its offer, provided, he said, that there is progress in relation to the normative issues of the negotiation.

No other unions were invited to this afternoon's meeting. This therefore means that neither the FAE, on an indefinite general strike since Thursday, nor the FIQ, which will observe four new days of walkout from December 11 to 14, will participate.

Appointed last week by Quebec, the conciliator in the case, Mathieu Lebrun, will also be absent.

For the moment, no press scrum is planned at the end of the day to report on the meeting between Ms. LeBel and the leaders of the Front common.

This is not the first time that such a summit meeting has taken place since the start of the negotiations. Usually, this type of face-to-face lasts a little less than an hour.

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