Psychologists claim arousal's ability to boost confidence on a date

Psychologists claim arousal's ability to boost confidence on a date

An aroused person feels more confident during a date with a potential partner than under normal circumstances. The conclusions are drawn from the study by a team of scientists from the United States and Israel.

Psychologists Claim Arousal's Power To Boost Dating Confidence

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In total, the experts conducted three experiments. The first of them involved heterosexual people aged 20-32 years, a total of 112 volunteers were involved. They were not in a romantic relationship; they were randomly paired with other members. Before a date, some citizens received sexual stimuli, the rest were neutral. In the process of communication, it was necessary to get acquainted, share interests and plans for life. All were filmed, after which the scientists paid attention to non-verbal signals. As a result, excited volunteers behaved more confidently, found their partner more attractive, and believed that he, too, was interested in them. The second experiment with the participation of 150 citizens gave similar results. They were introduced to the potential second half through video recording. A third study, involving 120 people, only confirmed the conclusions about the effectiveness of sexual stimuli.

According to scientists, an intimate mood pushes you to project your feelings and perceptions onto another person. However, there are also disadvantages, because due to arousal, an individual who is not such may seem attractive, and there is also a risk of false confidence in the reciprocity of feelings.

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