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PSVR2: the PS5 VR headset with the Horizon Call of the Mountain game

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Reality virtual technology has reached a new milestone with increasingly efficient headsets, but one of the major players in video games, at namely Sony, has developed your own headset in order to be able to pair it with his home console. The first time was with PS4 via PSVR, and now with PSVR2 and PS5. A combo that works very well even if sales are not as good as Sony hoped. Today, we're offering you a great promotional pack including the PSVR2 with the excellent game Horizon Call of the Mountain. With this combo, you will finally discover a quality VR.

PSVR2: the VR headset for the PS5 with the game Horizon Call of the Mountain

PSVR2 a headset for the PS5

The PSVR2 is the latest iteration from Sonyand even if for the moment production is still at a low level. When stopped, this does not prevent you from being able to enjoy the latest games released. Moreover, some rumors announce compatibility. next with PCs which would make it possible to relaunch sales and therefore production.

In terms of its specifications, the PSVR2 is equipped with OLED screens offering a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye and a refresh rate ranging from 90 Hz to 1000 Hz. 120 Hz. You will therefore have very good sharpness. and the experience should be up to date. meet your expectations. As for the field of vision, it extends over approximately 110 degrees, you will have no visual barrier and you will have the impression of being in the game even more. There are also motion sensors Six axes and integrated cameras for headset and controller tracking. The PSVR2 will perfectly follow your movements without any dropouts.

In this pack, you will also have a game, it is Horizon Call of the Mountainand the latter fully exploits the capabilities of PSVR2. It offers you a real VR adventure that will transport you into the world of Horizon. Regarding the story, you play as Ryas, a former Carja soldier. An epic adventure awaits you here. inside this game.

Currently, the PlayStation VR2 pack with Horizon Call of the Mountain is available on promotion. Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself to test the reality of life. virtual.

And to complete your setup, the DualSense is on sale as well as a curved gaming screen. ultrawide from Samsung. This one is also on sale and it will please the most demanding players, but also everyone. those who need significant workspace to be more productive. Don't hesitate to go for a walk.

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