PSG would not have the star for next season. 

PSG would not have the star for next season. 

Just five months before the World Cup in Qatar, the situation of Brazilian star Neymar is unknown. The world bomb that exploded this week in different European media is that the player would leave Paris Saint-Germain by decision made and communicated by the club, and would not leave through the front door, through which he entered in 2017 worth 222 million euros, being the most expensive signing in history, but from the rear, undervalued and in controversy.

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Neymar arrived at PSG in 2017 after the Parisian club put the astronomical figure on Barcelona's table for the termination of the contract. The owner of PSG, Qatari Sheikh Nasser Al-Khelaifi, showed his chest when he snatched Neymar from the Catalan club. The footballer left despite the fact that his teammates at the time, Lionel Messi and Luis SuárezThey wanted him to stay. But it is that Neymar wanted his own protagonism, his own brilliance. He arrived in Paris with great fanfare, with the sign on his forehead that he was the most expensive in the world. There he set out to win everything, but it hasn't been that way. Not even with the arrival a year ago of Lionel Messi, his old friend in Barcelona, ​​he could win the Champions League, the club's great debt to its fans.

Today, at 30 years old, the outlook is dark for Neymar. The information from the European press that has unleashed a tsunami in the transfer market indicates that PSG put him in the exit window and that the player already has it clear. According to the Madrid newspaper El País, last week a representative of Paris Saint-Germain contacted the player's father, Neymar da Silva Santos, who represents the player's negotiations, to inform him directly that they wanted to find him a way out of the team.

The information, broadcast by Radio Montecarlo of France and confirmed by the Spanish media, represents a new shock in the European summer passes market. It is said that PSG is willing to transfer him to the club that Neymar chooses, even assuming the payment of his contract, of which there are still three seasons left and which is estimated at 200 million euros. In fact, yesterday it transpired that the player himself, knowing that he would not continue for the next season, would demand that payment.

The bomb coincides with the official presentation that PSG made yesterday of its new sports clothing, which is curious that the stars Messi, Mbappé and Neymar himself appear in the promotion. Through its social networks, the French entity published a series of photos of the starting shirt, and with the Brazilian as part of that publicity, generating new questions. In any case, time flies for PSG. As revealed by L'Équipe last week, the Brazilian star's contract will be automatically renewed tomorrow, July 1, and his relationship with the Parisian club will last until June 30, 2027.

Neymar is going from being the most expensive signing in the world to a rapid depreciation, today at 75 million euros, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt. His timing, a few months before the World Cup, is not ideal for a star like him.

Indiscipline and injuries?

PSG would not have the star for next season. 

One of the triggers for this possible decision by PSG with Neymar, according to European press reports, is the permanence at the club of another star, the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé. El País de España reported: “The same sources indicate that the decision took shape when the owners of PSG renewed Kylian Mbappé, making him the reference of their project and giving him a voice in the design of the new sporting order.”

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According to the newspaper, the French striker demanded changes in the organization of the club and asked, first, that the sporting director, Leonardo de Araújo, famous for his complacent treatment of Neymar, leave. The arrival in charge of the Portuguese Luis Campos would mean more hard hand with the Brazilian, who apparently has enjoyed a lot of comfort until now. In addition, the media indicates that Mbappé himself complains about an apparent systematic indiscipline of Neymar in the training and recovery routine. This issue of alleged indiscipline, added to injuries, and even overweight problems, are aspects that are coming to light now and that leave the Brazilian very badly off.

“Neymar doesn't like to train; He has played with three or four extra kilos for years, but in the competition he has been the most honest attacker of the team, the one who has run the most to offer himself and to defend”, explained the French managers to the Spanish press.

Through the back door…

PSG would not have the star for the next season. 

Paris Saint-Germain announced in May 2021 the first renewal of Neymar's contract until 2025, although they did not reveal the financial terms of the agreement. A message from PSG on social networks showed the Brazilian international attacker smiling, wearing a shirt with the number 2025. “I am very happy, very happy, to renew with Paris,” the player said then.

President Al-Khelaifi pointed out at the time that “the center of gravity of our ambitious project to make PSG bigger lies in the heart, talent and total involvement of our players”. It seemed like an eternal idyll. In his four years with the Parisian team, Ney has won 12 national titles: four leagues, three cups, two league cups and three super cups.

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In addition, PSG reached their first Champions League final in 2020, in which they lost 1-0 to Bayern Munich. Neymar's renewal came when the player had one year left on his contract with the capital club. In 2021 Messi arrived, to take center stage at the Parisian club, which formed a fearsome squad, with Mbappé and even Ángel Di María, among others. However, not even in this way could the team win the long-awaited Champions League, what's more, in the last edition they said goodbye in the round of 16 in the series against Real Madrid. Then the team, champion of the local league, went on vacation. Neymar has been enjoying this time in Miami with Rafaella, his sister, and Bruna, his girlfriend. But now that the return to practice at PSG is approaching, everything is uncertain.

Already for a few weeks there has been strong talk that a new era was coming at Paris Saint Germain. They had said it the day that Kylian Mbappé rejected Real Madrid and renewed with PSG. So, Nasser Al Khelaïfi confirmed that it would be a revolution. “We don't want bling-bling anymore; It's the end of sequins, we have to be humble again. We want players who love the club, who want to fight, who want to win”, he sentenced in the newspaper Le Parisien. And he was blunt: “Those who don't fit into the project will have to leave. Some have taken advantage of the situation. Now that is over.”

One of the most relevant departures could be that of Neymar. The Brazilian star ceased to be untouchable. “For Neymar, what I can say is that we expect all the players to do much more than they did last season. Much more. Everyone has to be 100%”, was the phrase that flew like a dart and that now begins to make sense with the new information.

The speculations began immediately and Neymar is already related to other clubs, one of them, Juventus in Italy, where the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado is. It would be a priority request from DT Massimiliano Allegri. But his salary is a problem for anyone who wants to have it. Until before Mbappé's renewal, the Brazilian was the best paid on the squad. He earns 48.9 million euros gross and has a contract until 2025.

There is also talk of the option of Chelsea in England who would have included Neymar's name in his agenda of possible reinforcements. Another that appears in the panorama is Barcelona itself,where Xavi Hernández, the coach, was his teammate in that Champions League won in 2015, but everything indicates that they consider their great cycle to be over there.

Who else is on PSG's exit list? Several names would join players who have already left, such as Ángel di María. Mauro Icardi, Leandro Paredes, Julian Draxler, Sergio Rico, Layvin Kurzawa, Thilo Kehrer, Abdou Diallo, Ander Herrera, Danilo and Idrissa Gueye appear in the starting list.

Who's leading the boat?

 PSG would not have the star for the next season. 

On the other hand, PSG and its still coach Mauricio Pochettino have not yet reached an agreement to terminate the Argentine's contract on the Parisian bench for next season for economic reasons related to bonuses for results, according to the newspaper L on Tuesday. 'Equipe.

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The compensation for the remaining year of the contract is estimated at around 15 million euros for Pochettino and his coaching staff. According to the newspaper, there would be a disagreement between the two parties for about 2 million euros for performance bonuses achieved by PSG during the season and a half that Pochettino was on the bench. Since his arrival as PSG coach in January 2021, Pochettino has won three titles: the 2020 French Super Cup, the French Cup in the 2020/2021 season and Ligue 1 in the 2021/2022 season.

There is less than a week left for the PSG squad to return to training at the Camp des Loges sports city next Monday, July 4 and the new coach has not yet been announced, after last June 10 it was reported to Pochettino and his team who are not part of the club's new project.

However, PSG wants to announce Pochettino's departure before formalizing the arrival of his replacement Cristophe Galtier, with whom L'Équipe assures that the Parisian team has an agreement with his current club, Nice, for 8 million euros, and with whom he has two seasons left on his contract.

The powerful team where Messi and Mbappé play, and which has spent millions in signings, an aggressive transformation would begin, which would begin with the departure of one of its top stars, Neymar, who if he left now would not be through the front door., EFE AND AFP

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