The Endrick clan want the 16-year-old nugget to have little competition at his future club. Which somewhat limits his choice…

PSG, Real Madrid: the new crazy demand of the Endrick clan

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We may be in the middle of the 2022 World Cup, but the transfer window rumors continue to swirl. To a lesser degree than usual, of course, but clubs and agents are working hard to strengthen their team or find a new base for their foal. And we know that after a World Cup, things tend to move. This winter, there may be some interesting operations, like João Félix, who should leave Atlético de Madrid and join the Premier League or Paris Saint-Germain.

Endrick is not present in Qatar, but we talk about him almost more than many players present at this World Cup. He may be only 16 years old, he is perhaps the most coveted player of the moment, he who has already impressed on his debut with Palmeiras. Several big clubs like Real Madrid, PSG, FC Barcelona and Chelsea have already gone on the attack, and the French club have even made an offer higher than the player's 60 million euro release clause.

Holder or nothing

But as Marca points out, beyond the financial aspect, interested clubs must meet other requirements to be able to enlist the Brazilian nugget. According to the Spanish media, which also indicates that Real Madrid are the favorites, Endrick wants to have an important role from the start. He does not want to have another strong competitor in his position. Thus, his entourage did not want him to play in the same team as Erling Haaland for example, since he considers that the two men are not compatible.

Suffice to say that for Manchester City, it has become very complicated… For the Parisians, on the other hand, it seems rather plausible, especially compared to the already advanced age of Lionel Messi and that of Neymar , and Mbappé evolves in a different register. On the side of Madrid, we also seem to be able to comply with this requirement, since the arrival of Haaland is no longer on the program. It is recalled that due to FIFA rules, Endrick could not land in Europe until summer 2024.


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