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Gives a unique opportunity to choose: what and for whom the Spartan APC is useful (video)

The FV103 Spartan APC was developed by the British in the 70s. At the end of that decade, he began to join the army. The main purpose of the armored personnel carrier — transportation Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is quite mobile and at the same time roomy.

In the Defense Forces of the South shared the impressions of 127 TRO about the British Spartan armored personnel carrier. It is noted that the armored personnel carrier can withstand armor-piercing bullets of 14.5 caliber from a distance of 200 meters. “Spartan gives a unique opportunity to choose the way of movement. Separate parts allow it to overcome large water obstacles. It is distinguished by its extremely small size and low silhouette,” — the message says.

In the British army, the Spartan was not a vehicle for delivery to the skirmish line. For example, in the 80s, they were used to transport air defense groups. Due to the speed on the off-road, these armored personnel carriers were loved by engineers who were preparing a place for vertical landing aircraft. In Ukraine, the Spartan is useful for scouts, anti-aircraft gunners, sappers and even mortars.

British Spartan APCs in Ukraine

In Ukraine, armored personnel carriers help destroy the enemy from the summer of 2022. 35 vehicles were handed over from the British government, another 55 armored personnel carriers were purchased at the expense of volunteers. Spartan armored personnel carriers are in service with the 251st separate battalion of the TRO of Kyiv, the 127th separate brigade of the TRO of Kharkiv and the 1st separate mechanized battalion of the 67th separate mechanized brigade of the DUK.

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