Protests around the Pedagogical University cause chaos

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The actions have affected mobility in the sector of Carrera Séptima with Calle 40 and Calle 72

Demonstrations around the Pedagogical University cause chaos

The protesters stopped a Sitp bus and tried to burn and vandalize it.

In the last few hours, there have been strong clashes between the public forces and protesters who were in the vicinity of the Pedagogical and Javeriana Universities, which has affected mobility in the Carrera Séptima sector between 40 and 72 streets.

According to information reported by the Government Secretariat , the students are protesting the recent cases of gender violence in Bogotá and disagreements with the directors of higher education institutions.

In other official statements, the Secretary of Security, Aníbal Fernández de Soto indicated that:

“Since 1:30 in the afternoon, some riots caused by hooded criminals and with incendiary devices have been taking place at the Pedagogical University, they are affecting mobility and attacking the Public Force. They even detained a bus from the Public Transportation System.”

Fernández de Soto added that “the Public Force is acting in accordance with the established protocols to control the situation and recover mobility in the area. Taken from @luciabastidasu

Fernández de Soto added that “the Public Force is acting in accordance with the established protocols to control the situation and recover mobility in the area. We have always said that in Bogotá peaceful demonstrations are respected and guaranteed, but violence and vandalism, as in this case, are prosecuted and punished,” said the official.

On social networks, users shared their impressions of what happened in the central point of the city. “Vandalism took over the city and Claudia López was too big to guarantee the rights of Bogota citizens. Again, blockades, affectations to the public infrastructure of Bogotá”, tweeted the user @luciabastidasu.

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However, from the Bogota City HallIt was reported that from 4:48 in the afternoon mobility was fully recovered in Carrera 11 with Calle 72. “Protesters withdraw from the point. There are no blockades anywhere in the city”, said Tránsito Bogotá.

These disturbances were added to the protests by students from the< b> Universidad Javeriana due to increases in enrollment. Young people with banners in hand stood on the road corridor of Carrera Septima, preventing vehicular passage in the sector.

According to the students' spokespersons, the decision to increase prices was “arbitrary on the part of the directors to disproportionately and exorbitantly increase enrollment in all curricular programs in a 13.9% for the following semester”, they detailed in a statement issued by a group of students calling themselves the 'General Student Assembly'.

Protests in the surroundings of the Pedagogical University cause chaos

In the same document, the students of the Javeriana University called an indefinite strike due to the increase in the cost of license plates. In the list of requests, the students request the university to deliver the corresponding reports and expense reports to the student body, improve the payment system offered by the university and guarantee the permanence of the scholarship students in the different support modalities offered by the university.

The institution, for the moment, has not ruled and the academic processes continue normally. For example, at the Javeriana University, the law degree went from $13.49 million for 2022 to more than $15.67 million for 2023. Business administration also went from $13.43 for this year to more than $15.6 million for 2023.