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Protects against FPV drones: an improved “Kulbaba 150” EW system was created for the Armed Forces

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Protects against FPV drones: an improved EW system

The updated “Kulbaba 150” can work more efficiently in the summer season, and has also become more resistant to damage.

Ukrainian developers have modernized the “Kulbaba 150” radio electronic warfare system (REB) , created to protect military personnel from enemy FPV drones with a range of 700-1000 MHz. Developer Roman Ruban wrote about this on his Facebook page on June 17.

As Roman Ruban notes, “Dandelion 150” can now work even longer and better in the summer. For this, the system was equipped with radiators. According to the creator, active cooling was not used as a matter of principle, because coolers burn, get dirty and fail, and after them, overheating disrupts the operation of electronics.

“Therefore, only passive cooling has the right to be used outside without the risk of losing protection”, — stressed Roman Ruban.

The developer noted that the modernization of the “Dandelion 100” system includes:

  • increased radiator area:
  • stabilization of the frequency range;

    • li>
    • protected antenna, more resistant to mechanical damage.

    According to Roman Ruban, in the near future the frequency of 400-500MHz will be added to the system as an option. The developer also published a photo of the modules with and without a radiator for comparison, noting that the Dandelion 150 kit includes three modules in total.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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