Protecting yourself from COVID-19

Protecting yourself from COVID-19

Developing natural immunity is the best way to protect yourself from infections and the virus that has turned our lives upside down. Written by two French doctors, the book offers concrete and accessible solutions to optimize our immunity against viruses by working on both the body and the mind.

Called upon by the current pandemic, doctors Valérie and Denys Coester, who use a body-mind approach, have decided to combine their knowledge in order to transmit a wealth of advice based on recent and relevant scientific studies in order to protect themselves. of COVID-19.

While we all know that COVID-19 attacks older or vulnerable people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension more, many people find it hard to explain that young and healthy people have been seriously ill. “We are not all equal when it comes to immunity,” says Denys Coester. Some young people can also be deficient in zinc, trace elements or omega-3. “

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