Prosecutor's Office filed a disciplinary complaint against the judge of Cúcuta

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The measure was taken after, during the transmission of a judicial proceeding, the judge was observed in a room, lying on a bed, half-naked and smoking

Prosecutor's office filed complaint disciplinary action against judge of Cúcuta

Heidi Vivian Polanía Franco is a lawyer from the Catholic University. She is a specialist in constitutional law and a candidate for a master's degree in human rights.

This Saturday, November 19, the Attorney General's Office filed a disciplinary complaint against the Judge First Municipal Prison with functions of guarantee control of Cúcuta, Heydi Viviana Polanía Franco, “for presiding over a public hearing without complying with the provisions on the use of the toga and respectful attention to the procedural parties who must observe the judges of the Republic”, said the Public Ministry.

The complaint was filed by the judicial prosecutor 88 II Criminal of Cúcuta before the Northern Sectional Judicial Disciplinary Commission of Santander and Arauca, after the transmission of the proceeding that was carried out virtually, the judge was observed in a room, lying on a bed and smoking, a situation that for the Public Ministry “undermines the majesty and dignity of the administration of justice”.

It should be noted that In the judicial proceeding, the judge had to resolve the request to revoke a measure to secure preventive detention, instituted by the defense of Joaquín Medina Duarte , linked to the investigation into the attack on the facilities of the Army's 30th Brigade in Cúcuta, perpetrated on June 15, 2021.

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In the document presented by the Attorney General's Office, it was reported that for the entity it is “of the utmost importance that the various officials in charge of the administration of justice show an exemplary behavior before the citizens and in accordance with their investiture, even more so when they are deciding on one of their fundamental rights, such as freedom”.

In the same In this sense, it was learned that the president of the National Judicial Disciplinary Commission, Diana Marina Vélez Vásquez, sent all the information to the sectional president of Cúcuta, Calixto Cortés Prieto,in order to carry out the investigations against Heydi Viviana Polanía Franco in the shortest possible time.

“In a careful manner, I send you, by competence, the reports published by different media, close to this Presidency by the Press Office of the Corporation, related to the alleged incursion into disciplinary offenses by Dr. Vivian Polanía, judge Municipal Prison with Guarantee Control Functions of Cúcuta, on the occasion of the context in which I held a virtual hearing”, indicates the official letter of the Judicial Disciplinary Commission.

Judge Heidi Vivian Polanía Franco is a lawyer from the Catholic University. She is a specialist in constitutional law and a candidate for a master's degree in human rights. She has worked in the Superior Court of Bogotá, the Sectional Council of the Judiciary in Bogotá and in criminal court 24.

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It must be remembered that Colombian law mandates that lawyers and other members of the Judicial Branch must render their work neatly and not carry out activities that could hinder the procedures that are carried out in the midst of hearings or trials. In addition, those who, due to their actions, call into question the credibility of Colombian justice could be penalized.

It should be noted that on February 21, 2021, the Superior Court of The Judicial District of Cúcuta had issued circular 002, in which it is recommended, both to judges of the Republic, as well as to the accused, to keep the cameras on in all judicial proceedings. “(…) through which the President of the Criminal Chamber of the Corporation recommends the opening of the chamber during the virtual sessions for both Judges and Procedural Subjects”, indicates the document issued by the court.