Prosecutor’s Office and Public Works deal with prison rehabilitation

September 15, 2021 by archyde

The Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, and the Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Brito, agreed yesterday to promote initiatives to improve the country’s prison units.

During a working meeting at the Public Works headquarters, Ascención said that they determined to promote administrative measures and operations to work in the physical areas in the units of the prison system. He affirmed that Public Works and the Attorney General’s Office will have a permanent working relationship that will benefit the prison system.

Ascención thanked Germán Brito for trusting that institution for this process.

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While attorney Germán Brito said that the meeting is part of a series of meetings that will be held by the governing institution of the Public Ministry with Public Works, in order to promote a process of prison rehabilitation, indicating that the meeting took place after the disposition of that all prison buildings were transferred to Public Works.

Germán Brito explained that through these meetings they will analyze the designs and other aspects of the construction and repair of prisons. “As there has been the transfer of prison buildings to exchange criteria, designs, this is the first of a series of meetings, because this is a matter that does not originate in one day,” he said.

Ascención was accompanied by Rafael Espinal, Chief of the Public Works Cabinet, while Germán Brito was accompanied by Dr. Jonathan Baró, member of the Superior Council of the Public Ministry and coordinator of the Penitentiary Cabinet; Félix Tena Sosa, technical director of the Attorney General; Vilma Pérez, Administrative Director; Freintette Padilla, Legal Director, and architect Wendy Frías.

The enclosures of the country
The conditions.

On repeated occasions in the country it has been reported that many of the prison buildings lack adequate conditions to guarantee the safety of their occupants.

The New Victory.

The last large prison complex built in the country was the new La Victoria prison, at the end of Danilo Medina’s government, but it is not yet in operation.

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