Prosecutor investigates César Acuña for alleged influence peddling

Prosecutor investigates César Acuña for alleged influence peddling

The preliminary investigation will be carried out for 60 days. The statements of the APP leader and congresswoman Lady Camones are expected to be taken.

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Fiscalí César Acuña is being investigated for alleged influence peddling

The presidential candidate of the Alianza Para el Progreso (APP) César Acuña, together with his presidential party, inaugurated a new local party called " the house of progress " in the fence of Lima. (Photo: César Campos | File)/

The Public Ministryopened last Tuesday a preliminary investigation for the alleged crime of influence peddling against César Acuña Peralta, founder of the Alliance for Progress (APP) and current candidate for regional governor of La Freedom for the same party.

The case is in the Third Office of the First Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of Central Lima, in charge of Judge Janny Sánchez Porturas .

Last weekend, the Epicentro TV portal broadcast two audios in which Acuña demanded that the then president of Congress and member of the APP caucus, < b>Lady Camones, promote the bill for the creation of the district of Alto Trujillo (La Libertad). According to what Acuña said, this initiative could benefit her regional candidacy.

In the disposition of the prosecutor's office for the beginning of the preliminary proceedings, it is sustained that “[…] from the spread conversation, the political interest of promoting the project called Alto Trujillo would emerge, since, instead of priority is given to the urgent, what César Acuña proposes to his congressmen is that the agreement he has with the different groups that supported the election of the Presidency of Congress, to approve their projects”.

He adds that in the conversation “the influences that [Acuña] would have had in the Executive for the issuance of the bill of the aforementioned center would also be reflected town”.

The investigation procedures will be carried out within 60 days and Cesar Acunaand Jorge Gonzales, head of the Office of Citizen Participation in Congress, for this Monday, September 12.

Meanwhile, APP congresswomen Lady Camones and María Acuña must present their declaration on Thursday the 15th; and Congresswoman Diana Gonzales (Avanza País), president of the Decentralization Commission – the group in which the aforementioned project had to be approved – has been summoned for Friday the 16th.

The anti-corruption prosecutor Sánchez Porturas went to the Decentralization Commission last Tuesday to collect information related to the case. Sources from El Comercio indicated that Congresswoman Gonzales received her and gave her facilities.

Luis Valdez, general secretary of APP, argued that the prosecution's investigation will serve to prove “that there was a request from a citizen”, in reference to Acuna. “As much as César Acuña is a candidate, he is still a citizen who asks the president of Congress to promote a project that comes not from now. Citizens have the right to go to the authorities and make our requests ”, he argued in RPP.

Valdez added: “There was no profit, economic advantage, donation or consideration for a crime to be configured as that of influence peddling”. He also said that for this to take place “there has to be a consideration or a promise of an economic benefit. What has been requested here is a social project”.

The Prosecutor's Office investigates César Acuña for alleged influence-peddling

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