Pro-Russian mass action took place in Prague

Pro-Russian mass action took place in Prague

Pro-Russian mass rally took place in Prague

Photo: Czech media

About 70 thousand people gathered in Prague on Wenceslas Square for an anti-government demonstration.

According to Seznam Zpravy, the event began at two o'clock, the demonstrators filled almost the entire Wenceslas Square.

“This is the first day of our victory. We will return our country, – the organizers said at the beginning. There was criticism of the government of Petr Fiala, the crowd called for early elections. Repeatedly sounded exclamations of “resign” or “It's all over.”

According to media reports, several people lost consciousness on Wenceslas Square, and it was difficult for doctors to reach them because of the crowd. The organizers begged people at the edge of the square to buy water bottles from nearby stores and send them to the crowd.

According to the prime minister, the protest was organized by pro-Russian forces that run counter to the interests of the Czech Republic. “It is clear that Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns repeatedly appear on our territory, and someone simply succumbs to them,” – Fiala said. This statement angered the protesters – obscene words were heard on the stage and from the crowd in the direction of the prime minister.

The current energy crisis and high inflation were also discussed.

The demonstration bears the motto of the Czech Republic in the first place . “It's time to unite and fight together for the future of our country”, – said in the invitation to the rally.

In addition to the topic of energy, the plan of the organizers also spoke of the need for military neutrality, or “stopping the planned dilution of the nation by Ukrainian refugees.” Or about the need to renew independence in decision-making.

“The Czech Republic must free itself from direct political subordination to the EU, WHO and the UN”, – was noted in the invitation, the newspaper writes.

At the same time, Manipulátoř drew attention to the fact that among the speakers and supporters of the demonstration there are leading figures of the disinformation, pro-Russian and xenophobic scene in the Czech Republic.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich