Pritula, Violin and others: whose voices will sound in the cartoon “Mavka. Forest song”

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Pritula, Violin and others: whose voices will be heard in the cartoon "Mavka. Forest Song"

Animagrad Studio (FILM.UA Group) has revealed the full star cast of voice actors for the cartoon "Mavka. The Forest Song”, among them Katerina Osadchaya, Nina Matvienko, Nazar Zadniprovsky, Oleg Skrypka, Oleg Fagot Mikhailyuta, members of the DakhaBrakha ethnic group, reported the State Film Agency.

"It became known that the main character Mavka will speak in the voice of Natalia Denisenko, theater, film and dubbing actress,” the message says.

TV presenter, founder of the charitable foundation Sergei Pritula gave his voice to Kilina's stylist, stiff Frol.

"Participation in the project "Mavka" was the final work of Sergei in the entertainment field, thereby ending his career as an actor and showman, “the State Film Agency noted.

Musician Oleg Skripka dubbed the Lord of Nothingness, one of the four Higher Spirits of Nature – the One who sits in the Rock .

People's Artist of Ukraine Natalia Sumskaya embodied the role of the Witch Doctor, a wise healer.

Actor Nazar Zadniprovsky gave his voice to the Elder of the Forest – Lesovik.

Dyadko Lev spoke in the voice of musician Oleg Fagot Mikhailyuta.

TV presenter Kterina Osadchaya will voice several heroines at once – Ukrainian women of all ages.

The background with which it begins cartoon, the singer and People's Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko will tell.

Also, the participants of "Dakhabraha" Nina Garenetskaya, Marko Galanevich, Elena Tsybulskaya and Irina Kovalenko. They became the prototypes for the heroes of the tape and played themselves – musicians, Lukasz's friends, who inspired him to listen to himself and go towards his dream. In addition, the group created soundtracks for the cartoon.

The audience will also hear the singing of the winner of the show “Voice of the Country – 12”, ethnographer, folklorist and director of the former Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History Marichka Kvitka. Experts from this institute helped the Mavka team design a traditional outfit for the characters of the tape.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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