Prigozhin said that Russians will be banned from YouTube

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Prigozhin said Russians will be banned from YouTube

Putin's cook, ex-prisoner, now leader "Wagnerites" Prigozhin announced the closure of YouTube for the citizens of Mordor.

Personal press service of the "great statesman" quotes him as saying that all Russians will be punished for using video hosting.

“And now I'll tell you one thing in secret. No matter how hard they break their teeth, the bastards who pretend to participate, but in fact, interfere with us in the special operation, who wear Russian flags on May 9, but place relatives abroad and go to Dubai to play golf, in the near future YouTube will be closed. And those who actively use YouTube, in turn, will be identified and will suffer a well-deserved punishment after it is banned,” he said. 

abroad” who are “going to Dubai to play golf”, Prigozhin almost directly “hit” on the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and his daughter Xenia. Earlier, she and her husband, blogger Alexei Stolyarov, showed how she had fun in Dubai. 

Denis Dolzhenko from the Legislative Assembly of the Vologda Oblast, also caught up with a flurry of indignation. The man on New Year's went to rest in the Emirates and posted a few pictures from there. One of them was a joint photo with Kseny Shoigu. 

Under the photo, Dolzhenko indicated the geotag “Vologda”, however, the media quickly identified the sign and location of the Louis Féraud boutique, which is not in Vologda, but Available at The Dubai Mall. On January 17, Dolzhenko was expelled from the United Russia faction.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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