Prices on the Palm

Prices on the Palm

Prices on the palm: a tribute was announced about rechecks at gas stations

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In Ukraine, the situation with the fire is getting worse

The inspectors found damage to the total sum of 55.4 million hryvnias. Of these, 13.7 million hryvnias – due to the violation of legislation on prices and pricing.

The State Tax Service (DPS) on April 16 conducted over 190 actual re-checks of filling stations (gas stations). About tse povіdomlyaє the website of the department on Wednesday, 22 worms.

It is indicated that these gas stations needed information about damage to the sphere of pricing among citizens, government agencies and community organizations.

So the inspectors found a damage to the total amount of UAH 55.4 million. Of these, 13.7 million hryvnia – tse violation of legislation on prices and pricing.

Now the traffic police are living behind to attract violators to the point of evidence.

Probably, the Cabinet of Ministers stated that they were talking about state regulation ochіkuvanі tsіni will be at the borders up to 58 hryvnia for diesel fuel and 52 hryvnia – for gasoline. Participants in the market, as they aggravate the situation, were sanctioned.