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Prices for various goods in EU countries have been equalized

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Prices for various goods in the EU countries have been raised

The highest level of prices for servicing the vitrat of households in in European countries, it was recorded in Denmark. In this region, the level of prices is higher than the eurozone average by 143%. However, there is also a new level of prices for goods and services necessary for life, also in Ireland – 142% compared to the middle market and Luxembourg – 135% of the average European indicator of household income.

Behind the statistical precautions published by Eurostat experts, in some European countries a significantly lower level of prices for goods and services is required and for servicing households. The lowest rates were recorded in Bulgaria and Romania – 60% of the average figure, as well as in Poland – 66%.

Which prices show the greatest difference in European countries?

One of the largest price variations is demonstrated by the volatility of prices for alcohol and Tyutun drinks. For example, in 2023 in Ireland, prices for alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages were 3.2 times higher than in Bulgaria.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages

The lowest prices for alcohol and other statistics are recorded in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania. It is more expensive to buy alcohol and alcoholic beverages in Ireland, Finland and Denmark. As experts from the European Statistical Office explain, the essential difference in prices is due to significant differences in the taxation of alcohol and tobacco in these countries.

Restaurants and hotels

Another way economic activity, where there is a significant difference in prices, is the use of restaurant and hotel services. The cheapest such services are in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary. Accordingly, the most expensive hotels and restaurants are in Denmark, Finland and Ireland.

Clothing, food and household appliances

The cheapest clothing can be bought in Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary.The most expensive clothes are in Denmark and the Czech Republic. The significant price difference is in terms of the cost of food products and soft drinks, personal transport and household electronics. For example, the cheapest food and soft drinks are in Romania, and the most expensive are in Luxembourg. It is cheaper to buy and use transport in Slovakia, and more expensive – in Denmark. The purchase of household appliances is the cheapest in Italy, and the most expensive is in France.

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Natasha Kumar

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