Prices for used cars will change sharply in Ukraine

Prices for used cars will change sharply in Ukraine

The situation in the country is still tense. While government agencies have almost fully resumed their work, business continues to wind down. This has a negative impact on the Ukrainian economy and, as a result, on the incomes of citizens.

Prices for used cars will change dramatically in Ukraine

The decline in the solvency of Ukrainians, as well as rising prices for fuel and spare parts, will lead to the fact that they simply will not be able to service and refuel their cars. The only solution will be to sell the car as soon as possible. However, as Yury Gaidai, senior economist at the Center for Economic Strategy (CES), noted, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get the desired amount, so people will give away transport for next to nothing, and some even for free, writes Avtotsentr.


According to the forecasts of the official, by the end of the year there will be about 1-1.5 million extra cars in Ukraine. These are the ones that their owners will try to get rid of. Gaidai noted that one should not forget about those cars that were abandoned in parking lots and garages by those who left the country. You can also add here transport from taxi companies, which for the most part is also not involved.

All these cars will soon appear on sales sites. But whether they will be able to find new owners is unknown. That is why the expert believes that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to stop stimulating the import of cars into Ukraine is correct. After all, it is not known what to do with them later.

“The economy in a year, other things being equal, will fall by a third. Real incomes of citizens will fall less, but even if it is optimistic, 10% of car owners will lose the opportunity to service and refuel cars. This is already 1 out of 10 million cars in Ukraine. Add here at least hundreds of thousands of cars whose owners are abroad and thousands of cars from taxi parks, which are now standing on dozens of sites. By winter, there will be 1-1.5 million extra cars in the country, which the owners will be ready to sell/give for use at least for some money,” Gaidai wrote on his Facebook page.