Previously unknown armored dinosaur known in Argentina

Previously unknown armored dinosaur known in Argentina

In Argentina, they knew earlier an undomestic armored dinosaur

Photo: Reuters #8217;Dinosaur Fragility

Paleontologists have discovered a rock’failure that a recently discovered species of a two-legged armored dinosaur was found.

Paleontologists have discovered a small armored dinosaur on the Argentinean Pivdeni never before. Imovirno, walking vertically on hind legs nearly 100 million years ago. The Guardian tells about it.

Dinosaur of the early period, names Yacapil Kanyukura, buv kindly plundered by rows of cystic plates vzdovzh shiŃ—, back and to the tail. Yogo dozhina became close to 1.5 meters, and vaga & # 8211; a total of 4-7 kg.

Behind the words of the vchenih, the dinosaur became the first of its kind to be armored in the early period in Pivdenniy America. It belongs to a group of thyrophoric dinosaurs, to which a stegosaurus enters, with its bristly back plates and a spiked tail, and a tank-like ankylosaurus, covered in armor, with a mace-like tail.