Pretty Little Liars returns: HBO Max orders 'horrific' reboot with a different story

Pretty Little Liars returns: HBO Max orders 'horrific' reboot with a different story

Pretty Little Liars returns: HBO Max orders 'horrific' reboot with a different story

Pretty Little Liars Returns: HBO Max Orders A “Horror” Reboot With A Different Story “A” is set to make a comeback and he's shaping up to be angrier than ever. HBO Max has just announced, the platform has officially ordered a reboot of Pretty Little Liars carried by an atmosphere focused on horror and a different story. His name: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

It's official, Pretty Little Liars will soon be back on our screens. Just announced, HBO Max – HBO's new streaming platform, has officially ordered a 10-episode reboot. Supervised by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale showrunner) and titled Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin , this series promises us a disturbing and fascinating result.

Pretty Little Liars back in a different way

Described as a version ” tinged with horror, carried by a certain madness ” of Pretty Little Liars , this new series which will take place in a new city with new characters, will have for ambition to surprise the fans of the first hour and to divert the codes of the original fiction.

Through the recently unveiled synopsis, we discover in particular the new stake of this reboot. And with a plot spanning two timelines, one can expect some exciting twists: “ Twenty years ago a series of tragic events nearly tore the working-class town of Millwood apart. Today a group of young teenage girls – a new section of Little Liars, finds itself tormented in turn by an anonymous assailant who wants to make these girls pay for the secret sin that their parents committed 20 years ago, as well as theirs “.

Speaking of A, the first micro-teaser unveiled this week (see below) promises us a formidable and rather revered foe, ” That's not what you think, assholes!

A more horrific version

It's hard not to be hyped, especially since Lindsay Calhoon Bring ( The New Adventures of Sabrina ) and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, both attached to the project, wanted to reassure the fans. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will have no intention of erasing the series by Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson or Shay Mitchell, but on the contrary, to expand its universe in an original way, ” We knew we had to to do something canon to the original series and different. Here, we will therefore strive for suspense and horror while creating new and unexpected ideas which we hope will be appreciated by fans who love PLL “.

No release date is yet known, the casting is still not done, but we can't wait to find out.

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