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Preston Manning gives ammunition to the Conservatives against the Trudeau government

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Preston Manning believes the findings of his report can be useful in attacking the record of the ruling coalition in Ottawa in handling the COVID-19 crisis. (Archive photo)


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Preston Manning, the former politician who chaired the committee on Alberta's COVID-19 response, suggested federal Conservative MPs use its findings as a political weapon against the prime minister's Liberal Party Justin Trudeau and his New Democratic allies in the next election.

It was through an electronic message that the former Reform leader made this suggestion to Conservative MPs last Wednesday, the same day his report was published.

His email was also sent to the Liberal MP for Calgary Skyview, George Chahal, who also published on his X account (formerly Twitter) on Monday a copy of the message that Mr. Manning appears to have sent to 20 MPs from Alberta to report its findings.

If Ottawa's ruling Liberal-NDP coalition's response to the COVID-19 crisis becomes an election issue in 2024, the CPC [Conservative Party of Canada] could use elements of this report to say "this what should have been done and what should be done to deal with future public emergencies.

A quote from From Preston Manning's email

Some of its content could also be useful in attacking the record of the Liberal-NDP coalition in this area, he added.

Preston Manning also indicated in his email that provincial MPs could benefit from the support of their federal counterparts to promote and implement the recommendations of his expert panel's report.

This report contains more than 90 recommendations that its authors believe would improve the Alberta government's response to future emergencies.

Once our When work was completed, I contacted politicians by personal email to encourage them to consider our recommendations, wrote Preston Manning in a statement provided to CBC/Radio-Canada.

Although he had criticized the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of restrictions on individual freedoms, Mr. Manning denies having been partisan in producing the report, for which he received compensation of $253,000 from the Alberta government.

At an unrelated news conference, Premier Danielle Smith said panel members acted independently of his government.

This report contains good information.

A quote from Danielle Smith, Prime Minister of Alberta

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Prime Minister Danielle Smith welcomed the conclusions of the report of the panel of experts commissioned by her government. (File photo)

Rachel Notley, leader of Alberta's New Democratic Party (NDP), disagrees. According to her, Mr. Manning's email shows that the report was not designed to defend the public interest.

Preston Manning is not the objective, measured person who deserved to be appointed to do this important work, Ms. Notley believes. I think many Albertans are disappointed.

The Leader of the Official Opposition said many of the report's recommendations, if adopted, could lead a government to consider options not supported by evidence and put the safety of Albertans at risk.

This is a continuation of a Danielle Smith trend , that of believing that taxpayers' money is there to allow him to run partisan political campaigns.

A quote from Rachel Notley, leader of the Alberta NDP

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Rachel Notley, the leader of the official opposition in Alberta, criticized Preston Manning's email and questioned the objectivity of the report produced by the expert committee chaired by the latter. (File photo)

In its report, the group of experts recommended that the government have the last word in the event of a health crisis, rather as the province's chief medical officer of health, as is currently the case.

The government has already tabled a bill to this effect.

The panel also suggested not viewing province-wide school closures as option in case of emergency, with rare exceptions.

Danielle Smith said Monday that her government and her party's caucus are continuing to review the report and its recommendations.

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