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Means of pressure from the Sûreté du Québec police officers

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Negotiations have been at a standstill since September between the government and the Sûreté du Québec.

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As of midnight, the 5,700 police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) will begin pressure tactics at the request of their union, in the face of the refusal of the Treasury Board to increase their salary increases by 21% over five years. These were included in an agreement in principle rejected last September.

The Association of Quebec Provincial Police Officers (APPQ) is asking SQ officers to wear camouflage cargo pants or jeans during their working hours, starting Thursday.

The decision to use visibility means was taken following a meeting with the Treasury Board Secretariat.

During this meeting, the government was not able to demonstrate to us its desire to reach an agreement by improving the first [offer] refused by the members, indicated, in a press release, the president of the 'APPQ, Jacques Painchaud.

On October 13, a counter-offer from the provincial police union was sent to the Quebec government, after the rejection , at 59.38%, of the first agreement in principle.

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This provided for a salary increase of 21% over five years after the distribution of various bonuses, including a new national bonus.

The union leader maintained, after the rejection of the agreement, that the government's offer did not allow SQ police officers to cope with inflation.

This refusal by members is explained, among other things, by an inflationary context and rising interest rates. However, we had stressed to the government, on numerous occasions during the negotiations, that the expectations of our members were high. Perhaps he will finally want to believe us this time, he declared on September 15.

However, Radio-Canada reported in October that negotiations were at a standstill, despite the submission of a counter-offer.

According to our information, the rejection of the agreement has cooled the government side in the negotiations, and the specter of a civil service strike involving more than 500,000 state workers has reduced the attention given to the negotiations. with the SQ police officers.

The requests made by the APPQ, following the refusal of the first agreement in principle, remain without a favorable response For now. Given the situation, we unfortunately have no other choice than to resort to a means of visibility which carries a message of dissatisfaction, continued Jacques Painchaud.

The Association wanted to reassure its police officers by affirming that it was making the necessary efforts to reach a new agreement in principle as quickly as possible.

This process could, however, be undermined by the actions of the Union Common Front, the FIQ and the FAE.

The cabinet of Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, who is leading negotiations with the SQ, did not want to comment on the matter.

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