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Presidential 2020: Trump pushed to invalidate votes in Michigan

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Supporters of President Donald Trump in the suburbs of Detroit, during the 2020 elections. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

The recording of a telephone call made public Thursday by an American daily reveals that former President Donald Trump pressured Republican officials in Michigan to dissuade them from validating the results of the presidential election in this state.

According to a recording of a telephone call, made public by The Detroit News, Mr. Trump put pressure, on November 17, 2020, on two Republican election officials from Michigan who had just voted to certify the results of the presidential election in their county, where Democrat Joe Biden had come in well ahead .

We have to fight for our country, we can't let these people steal our country, he told two Republicans from Wayne County, Monica Palmer and William Hartman, during this call.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel of Michigan also participated in the exchange, saying, referring to the county's official election results: If you can, go home this evening, do not sign the document […]. We will find you lawyers.

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Ronna McDaniel, president of the Republican National Committee, during the 2020 elections. (File photo)

After nodding, Mr. Trump added: We'll take care of it.

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The two officials then left the certification meeting without signing the document. The next day, they unsuccessfully tried to reverse their vote in favor of certification, claiming to have been pressured, reports The Detroit News.

Nearly 18% of Michigan's population lives in Wayne County.

What I publicly said and repeated at the time […] is that ;there was ample evidence that warranted an audit.

A quote from Ronna McDaniel, in a press release

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said to the newspaper that the ex-president intended to scrupulously ensure respect for the laws and guarantee the integrity of the election, including by investigating the rigged and stolen 2020 presidential election. p>

Aged 77, the former president will also be tried in March in Washington for illicit attempts to overturn the results of the election of 2020.

Mr. Trump is also accused of electoral pressure in the state of Georgia where, according to a recording of a phone call, he asked Brad Raffensperger, a senior official in that state, to find nearly 12 000 ballots in his name to catch up.

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