President Petro wanted to quote Buzz Lightyear, but it went wrong: “Upwards and beyond”

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The Colombian president caused laughter on social media for apparently quoting the famous astronaut from the movie in which toys come to life

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President Petro wanted to quote Buzz Lightyear, but got it wrong: “Up and Beyond”

“Fly up and beyond, said the movie”: was Gustavo Petro wrong when quoting Buzz Lightyear? Photo: Presidency.

The speech delivered this Thursday, November 17 by President Gustavo Petro at the celebration of the 103rd anniversary of the Colombian Air Force (FAC),< has given much to talk about. /b>not only because he assured that he will strengthen the Satena airline, but because he made a slip when he wanted to quote a phrase from the animated children's film Toy Story.

In the middle of his words, the head of Estado wanted to allude to Buzz Lightyear, one of the most remembered characters from Disney animation, however, he did not givehis foot with the ball to declaim the phrase of the famous astronaut, It read “To infinity and beyond.” Petro said: “Fly up and beyond”. His particular mistake, as expected, did not go unnoticed on social networks.

“Awake or asleep, men and women have wanted to fly. Flying sounds like freedom, flying dreams of breaking chains, flying means disintegrating into infinite and eternal light, flying up and beyond, the film said”, said the president.

Petro he was wrong to quote Buzz Lightyear

The comments on the slip of the first president aroused the comments of some users of social networks, who did not forgive him for the mess: “Hmmm that is unforgivable. Plantón tomorrow in the Plaza de Bolívar”; “every day more nonsense of the change “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND” if they get lost in something so trivial that's why they are betting on crazy and senseless reforms”; What he meant was “the dollar up and beyond”, were some of the trills that were read on Twitter around the subject.

President Petro wanted to quote Buzz Lightyear, but got it wrong: “Up and Beyond”

“To infinity and beyond!”, Buzz Lightyear (Photo: Disney)

Among other comments that the Colombian president sent in his speech before the Air Force, he announced that his government will favor Satena having national planes and being allowed to fly to other destinations, not only in Colombia, but internationally.

To this end, as announced by the president, he will work with the FARC so that, like Brazil, Colombia produces its own planes in favor of the Nation. Along those lines, he said that the goal is “a business development that exists in the Air Force whose company is Satena which today, given the circumstances, is Colombian-owned. May all the fullness be developed as an aviation airline”, he said.

“A way for Satena not to work at a loss and can even expand the lines or more frequencies to places far from Colombia, it is giving profitability in other lines, not only to Venezuela but to Latin America, Europe or beyond,” added the head of state.

President Petro wanted to quote Buzz Lightyear, but got it wrong: “Up and Beyond”

Gustavo Petro on the 103rd anniversary of the Colombian Air Force – November 17, 2022

Likewise, the president assured that he seeks to replicate with the FAC what has been done with other agencies of the Colombian Public Force:“We have seen the process in the Navy with the construction of ships, we are about to inaugurate a scientific ship that will go to Antarctica, we are going to start the construction of the first frigate and the expansion of the shipbuilding industry. In the Air Force we want to begin the construction of simple aircraft at the beginning, it is the beginning of the aeronautical industry in Colombia”, added Petro.

We must remember that a few months, the The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the first Frigate or Warship will be built in the country. Colombia will develop, with the Netherlands, the design. Currently, four frigates or warships are in operation in the country, which have been built in Germany. They are FS 1500 type missile frigates. The frigates that operate in Colombia are called: Almirante Padilla, Caldas, Antioquia and Independiente, all of German origin.

In Colombia there are also other types of boats made in South Korea, the United States, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and in Colombia some types of boats have been built such as Zone Patrol Boats, Coastal Patrol Boats, Patrol Boats, Instruction or training boat, Logistics, Auxiliary, Heavy Patrol, Medium Patrol, Light Patrol and Tactical Combat, this implies extensive experience for the challenge of building the first Warship or Frigate for Oceanic Combat.