President Petro travels to Mexico: meeting with AMLO and other details of his official state visit

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The Colombian president will have his first official meeting as head of state in the Aztec nation; compatriots discriminated against in that country will have a leading role

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President Petro travels to Mexico: meeting with AMLO and other details of his official State visit

President Petro travels to Mexico to meet with López Obrador, leader of that nation since 2018. Photo: archive.

The official state visits of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, are advancing Urrego. This Thursday, November 24, the president will travel to Mexico to meet with his counterpart, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), ruler of the Aztec country and with whom he shares very marked ideological affinities .

According to the House of Nariño, the meeting between the two leaders will be for Strengthen diplomatic relations among nations. In Mexican territory, Petro will arrive at 2:30 p.m., Mexico time, 3:30 p.m., Colombian time. The Felipe Ángeles airport, in Mexico City, will be the air terminal that receives the national government delegation.

The schedule of the official visit

As part of the agenda of the Colombian president, in addition to meeting with AMLO, a meeting with Colombian residents is scheduled in that American country. It must be remembered that, since 2021, there have been complaints from compatriots who have been attacked in Mexican territory because of their nationality.

The Head of State, as indicated by the Presidency of the Republic, will speak this Thursday with those affected and will present some solutions within the framework of the support that his government seeks to give to all Colombians who have left the nation in previous times.

Later, this Friday, November 25, the president will meet with AMLO in the National Palace, from early hours. There, they will have a working breakfast. Later, around noon, the Colombian ministers and the Executive delegation will hold official meetings with their Mexican counterparts.

President Petro travels to Mexico ;xico: meeting with AMLO and other details of his official state visit

López Obrador and Gustavo Petro will meet this Friday in Mexico

The official state visit of President Petro will be accompanied by some of his main teammates, according to the presidential office: Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva; the Chief of Staff of the Presidency, Laura Sarabia; and the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Germán Umaña.

That same Friday, in the afternoon, the Colombian president will meet with Claudia Sheinbaum, mayoress (or head of government) of the Mexican capital. That meeting will take place in the National Palace itself, which is the seat of the Executive of the Aztec nation.

President Petro travels to Mexico : meeting with AMLO and other details of his official State visit

Claudia Sheinbaum will meet with Colombian President Gustavo Petro

In addition, after the work meetings with the government representatives of that nation, the president of Colombia will be recognized, according to the Casa de Nariño, as a distinguished guest of Mexico City . This recognition will be given in the Council Hall.

After this dignity, Petro will sign the book of prominent visitors who have visited the National Palace, where he is staying the ruler of Mexican citizens in his seven years in power, which is the time a president lasts in that nation.

In addition, in the meetings of the Colombian head of state, there will be one with the Colombian Consulate in Mexico City to review the discrimination that compatriots have suffered for several months and that has even made it difficult for them to reach the different cities of that country.

Petro-AMLO relationship

After the current President of the Republic defeated Rodolfo Hernández in the last presidential elections, with more than 11 million votes, President López Obrador was one of the first international leaders to congratulate Petro, who becomes the first ruler of left in the coffee nation.

“Today's triumph may be the end of that curse and the dawn for that brotherly and dignified people. Congratulations”, expressed AMLO through a tweet.

President Petro travels to Mexico: meeting with AMLO and other details of his official state visit

AMLO and Petro share ideologies of left

Furthermore, during his press conference on Monday, August 8, one day after Petro took office in Colombia, AMLO sent a message to the Colombian president in which he warned him that “it will to have a very active, strong opposition”.

“He is a man with convictions, he has political experience and knows well the formula to confront conservative minorities , to the group of oligarchs that exist in all countries and who are dedicated to looting, stealing, who have control of the media and are the ones who promote smear campaigns, wars dirty because they rely a lot on the media”, express López Obrador.