President Petro has a favorable image of 49.7% about to complete his first 100 days, according to an Invamer survey

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Your unfavorability, meanwhile, is almost eight percentage points lower; the results are known when the president approaches his fourth month as a tenant of the Casa de Nariño

President Petro has a favorable image of 49.7% about to complete his first 100 days, according to Invamer's survey

Invamer survey at 100 days of the Petro government: an optimistic start. Photo: Presidency.

A few hours after the 100th day of government of President Gustavo Petro, the firm Invamer revealed its approval to the citizens in the more than three months he has been in power. This is at 49.7 percent. However, their disapproval is beginning to rise, reaching 42.7 percent. The survey was conducted for El Espectador, Noticias Caracol and Blu Radio.

The methodology used in this study featured One thousand two hundred respondents in several of the main cities of the country, who were asked if they approved or disapproved of the management of the head of state since August 7 when he arrived as successor to former Uribe president Iván Duque. The margin of error for this study is 2.8 percent.

By region

As for the regions that most approve and disapprove of the president's management are the coffee region, whose 46.9 percent gave the approval to the president, who became the first left-wing president to lead the nation. There, however, they disapproved of him with 47.3%.

In the north of Colombia, it was one of the sectors where the head of state was most approved : there, the citizens qualified the president with 60.4 percent. In that region, it reached, for its part, 31.4% of disapproval, according to the pollster.

President Petro has a favorable image of 49.7% about to complete his first 100 days, according to Invamer survey

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia, speaks during an inauguration ceremony at Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia, Sunday, August 7, 2022. Colombia's first leftist president begins his four-year term on Sunday, inheriting public finances unstable that will make things difficult. for him to deliver the luxurious social programs that his followers expect.

However, the results were more even in the Colombian south-west where the inhabitants approved Petro with 36.6%, but his unfavorability in that sector of the country rose to 55.8%. For its part, in the south west of the coffee nation, the results were reversed: 52.1% approval and 35.5% disapproval.

As happened in the presidential elections, Bogotá continues to be a political stronghold and bastion of Gustavo Petro, not least the capital's residents rated it with 55.6%, while 39.9% disapproved.

The ages and strata

In the study, in addition, it was shown that young people between 18 and 24 years old are the ones who most support, with 59.6 percent, the management of the Colombian president. However, where Petro has been most disapproving since August of this year are citizens between 35 and 44 years old, who gave him 46.6%.

The lowest socioeconomic strata : 1 and 2, are where they support the head of state the most. Citizens in these conditions give them 49.4% and 50.7% favourability, respectively. However, in the highest strata, 4, 5 and 6, citizens rated Petro with 49% positivism.

President Petro has a favorable image of 49.7% about to complete his first 100 days, according to Invamer survey

Citizens in Bogotá, Colombia, on October 29, 2022. REUTERS/Nathalia Angarita

Although citizens' perceptions of the head of state are somewhat ambiguous, Colombians continue to believe that things in the country They are on the wrong path: 59.8% considered that, while a scant 34 percent consider that the country is on the right path.

Within Petro's proposals, they also met Results: 71.4 percent were in favor of the Government having reestablished relations with Venezuela, while 26.5 percent did not see it favorably. Apart from Venezuela, it was also shown that 53.7 percent consider that “Colombia in the future may be in the same situation that Venezuela is in right now.”

On total peace, 51.2% agree, compared to 44.3% who do not approve; 54.5% disagree that oil and gas deposits should not continue to be explored, while 61.6% do not approve of taxes on ultra-processed foods.