President of Barcelona aims to sign Linda Caicedo

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The Colombian striker is a sensation in Europe's women's soccer transfer market and hopes to land her first international club in La Liga giant Santander

Barcelona president aims to sign Linda Caicedo

Joan Laporta talks about Barcelona's interest in sign Colombian Linda Caicedo/(Colprensa)

On the lips of recruiters and women's soccer coaches from clubs all over the world is the name of the Valle del Cauca striker Linda Caicedo, who in 2022 holds three runner-ups (one with Deportivo Cali in the BetPlay League and two with the Colombia team in the Conmebol Copa América and in the U-17 World Cup in INdia).

The youthful figure of Colombia could make the leap to European football very soon after what was exhibited throughout the 2022 season and thanks to the interest of FC Barcelonain La Liga Santander, Caicedo would have everything ready to arrive at his next international sports destination.

This is how this Tuesday, November 15, during a visit to Colombia, the president of the culé club , Joan Laporta, made it clear that the club will do everything possible to sign the Colombian figure. Within the framework of a commercial event related to Barcelona's sponsors, Laporta was consulted at a press conference about the club's interest in taking over Linda's services.

In response to the concerns, the Blaugrana manager confirmed that he is following the Colombian very closely and that finalizing her transfer is one of the club's main objectives:

We have liked Linda for a long time Caicedo, maybe three years ago, is a very young player but she has stood out and is very good. We have it in our target.

The president of Barcelona also took the opportunity to give his impressions about the current situation and growth of women's football globally and highlighted the momentum in Spain, current world champion in the under-17 and under-20 women's youth cups :

Women's football is growing and is consolidating very strongly, in Barcelona we have dedicated resources so that women's football is a reference and it is doing so. When we played Spain against Colombia, the country was paralyzed, we must make the competitions profitable

Laporta not only stayed with the sporting situation of Colombian professional football, but also expressed his support to the policies of President Gustavo Petro Urrego regarding support for youth:

The Spanish Embassy contextualized us with everything that is happening in Colombia and tomorrow they have an audience with Petro. We know that President Petro has a very ambitious project to overcome these difficulties and we are willing to help if the government deems it appropriate. I can assure you that the Colombian government has a very ambitious project to overcome the difficulties. There have been no contacts with FPC teams but we are open to collaborating.

President of Barcelona aims to sign Linda Caicedo

Gustavo Petro and Linda Caicedo. Colombia Women's Selection Award. Photo: Presidency of the Republic

As if that were not enough, Joan Laporta spoke about another of the young talents who has captured the attention of the transfer market in Europe: Luis Díaz.

they were completely ahead of them:

Liverpool were ahead of us. Because there was a time when we considered incorporation. At that time we were still in an economic situation that we had to resolve and reverse. Liverpool got ahead of us. He is a great player and, as he belongs to Liverpool, I am not going to talk about this anymore. But I do recognize that in the past, when he arrived from Porto to Liverpool, we had a conversation with his representative. But Liverpool already had it very advanced.

Barcelona president aims to sign Linda Caicedo

Soccer Football – World Cup – South American Qualifiers – Argentina v Colombia – Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium, Cordoba , Argentina – February 1, 2022 Luis Diaz of Colombia during the warm up before the match REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian