President Gustavo Petro landed in France: he confirmed that he will meet with Emmanuel Macron to discuss “the Venezuelan situation”

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The Colombian head of state has several activities scheduled in the European country, one of the main ones will be a meeting with the French president

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President Gustavo Petro landed in France: he confirmed that he will meet with Emmanuel Macron to discuss “the Venezuelan situation”

Presidency of Colombia

The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, who in recent days has given a lot to talk about in the political sphere after their participation and intervention in the COP27, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Egypt, has just landed in Paris, France to meet with that country's leader Emmanuel Macron.

As soon as he got off the plane that took him from Egypt to Gallic soil, the head of state delivered in short statements what will be the agenda that he has established for his visit. Petro will attend several political science conferences and later he would have a meeting with the French president to also be present at the Forum for Peace.

One of the most striking points in his short statements was the discussion of the current situation in Venezuela, which he assured that he would discuss it with Macron:

“We have a political science conference between the main French universities and the meeting with Macron, to speak at the Forum for Peace about the Venezuelan situation, that is basically the agenda we have”

This would be the second attempt at a meeting between the Colombian and French presidents. Last Monday, November 8, according to what Semana mentioned, Petro would have had a breakfast scheduled with Emmanuel to talk about the situation of tropical forests, but Gustavo would not have come to the meeting, bothering the delegations of the European nation.

Specifically, Petro's work will begin with a conference that he will give at Sciences Po, as the Paris Institute of Political Studies, founded in 1872, is known. He will then have a meeting with the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD), Mathias Cormann.

Continuing with his main topic of conversation, President Petro will address the Elysee Palaceto have their meeting with Macron, there they will discuss the country's energy transitionand the actions that can be taken together to take care of the environment, in addition to the current situation in our sister country, Venezuela.

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It should be remembered that at the COP27 conference in Egypt, the president of Colombia stated that one of the main points to work on throughout Latin America is the care and revitalization of the Amazon forest, which today is one of the lungs that is absorbing most of the carbon monoxide generated by the United States:

“The Americas have to talk, it is time for the United States, the main generator of CO2, and South America, holder of one of the main CO2 sponges talk, agree and build a joint path. Revitalizing the Amazon rainforest involves money, it is not high annually, but it must be permanent”

In the same way, he affirmed that from the national budget they have studied the investment of 200 million dollars to the revitalization of the forest and hopes that other countries will join in this work:

“We have enough strength to propose something positive to the world. We from the national budget, without being a rich country, are going to contribute for 20 years, every year 200 million dollars, from our efforts to revitalize the jungle and we hope it can be expanded with the contributions of the world”