President Gustavo Petro arrives in Egypt: this will be his agenda

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The Colombian president will hold meetings with senior officials from European organizations and participate in environmental debates

President Gustavo Petro arrives in Egypt: this will be his agenda

Arrival of President Gustavo Petro in Egypt

On the late afternoon of November 6 (GMT+2), President Gustavo Petro arrived in Egypt where he will attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2022, where he will make a call regarding the climate crisis and hold meetings with senior officials.

The president was received by a minister from the Egyptian government, the national ambassador in that country, Ana Milena Muñoz, wife of former president César Gaviria. He arrived accompanied by his delegation, with the chief of staff Laura Sarabia and Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva.

“This is the first time I have come to Africa and obviously the event is of great importance for the destiny of humanity. It is about whether humanity can exist on the planet or if we are definitely going down the path of the extinction of life and it depends on the stability of the decisions that are made in this type of event,” the president assured upon his arrival. p>Colombian President Gustavo Petro arrived in Egypt to participate in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2022 and hold high-level meetings.

According to what he said, he has with him a decalogue of proposals that he will present to world leaders on how you think the climate crisis should be tackled right now. Just when the country is in the process of declaring a disaster due to the emergencies produced by the rains of the La Niña phenomenon.

The president's agenda in Egypt will begin this November 7, from the early hours of the morning with a working breakfast convened by the Government of France, on 'The conservation of vital carbon reserves and biodiversity: a key to more efficient and ambitious global action'.

It is a general event at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Convention Center, in which the presidents of France, Costa Rica, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Argentina, South Africa, the Gabonese Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be present. , Philippines, Indonesia and Colombia.

Around noon he will be at the opening ceremony of COP27 and later he will participate in the High Level Round Table on Just Transition. After these protocol appointments, the Colombian president has a private audience with the President of the Swiss Confederation and Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of that European nation, Ignazio Cassis.

President Gustavo Petro arrives in Egypt: this will be the his agenda

Visit of the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, to Egypt

His main participation will take place on Tuesday, November 8, in the 'High-Level Regional Dialogue: Amazonia as a pillar of climate and life balance'. Then in the General Debate of the COP27 where he will underline that the Amazon rainforest, which is home to eight South American countries, including Colombia, is one of the three or four climatic pillars that remain in the world, just like the oceans and the great forest tundras from the north of the planet.

Later, President Petro will have an audience with the Director and Manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Makhtar Diop. At noon, he will participate in the High-Level Round Table on Climate Change and sustainability for vulnerable communities, and later in the event 'Main Necessary Transformations in Latin America for Compliance with the Paris Agreement'.

On Wednesday, November 9, the president plans to attend as a witness the signing of an agreement between the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy and the European Bank. To later leave for France in the second country he will visit during this international tour.

In the European country, he will meet with the Secretary General of the OECD, Mathias Cormann, who will be key to define the government's work with that international organization in the next four years. He will attend the Council of that organization, will meet with the ambassadors of the Ibero-American member countries. Finally that day he will go to the Elysée Palace to hold a private audience with Emmanuel Macron.