President Abinader orders the complete remodeling of Club Bameso

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  • President Abinader orders the complete remodeling of Club Bameso

    President Luis Abinader holds a shirt together with the captain of the Bameso team, Miguel Dicent.

President Luis Abinader ordered this Monday the complete remodeling of the Club Deportivo Bameso facilities during an act at the National Palace where he received to the members of the team of that entity, which recently conquered the crown of the Superior Basketball Tournament of the National District.

The information was offered by the National District. The Minister of Sports and Recreation, Francisco Camacho, at the end of the meeting, affirming that the work will entail an investment of 11 million pesos.

The news filled joy and delight to all the directors and players of the club who participated in the meeting.

President Abinader arrived He went to the Hall of Ambassadors a few minutes after noon and was received by Camacho and the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos.

The words of welcome were pronounced by the past chairman of the committee The organizer of the top basketball tournament, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, general director of Customs, who affirmed that that thanks to the unconditional support of President Luis Abinader, the basketball tournament was a “resounding success” in every way.

“That was the feeling of the president and thank God the tournament ended. in style, the Palacio de los Deportes filled to capacity and Club Bameso in a seventh and decisive game took home the victory. the crown of champion”, said Lovatón.

Meanwhile, Augusto Castro, adviser to the champions, affirmed that which constituted It is a great honor to receive the district champion cup on National Sports Day.

“This has been the best tournament in the last 30 years,” Castro said. valued the support of the businessmen of the neighborhood and said that he triumphed. arrived a few days before the club celebrates its 56th anniversary this Friday.

Castro highlighted The work being carried out by the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, who has repaired hundreds of basketball and volleyball courts nationwide.

“We want to ask you to donate a bus to mobilize its athletes and that the anti-tuberculosis center, which operates in our facilities, be converted into a Primary Care Center to benefit the entire community”, he emphasized.

Later, the president of the Abadina, Diego Pesqueira, delivered a shirt for president Luis Abinader signed by all the clubs that participated in the superior tournament.

Pesqueira took advantage of the to ask President Abinader to allow Sanz Lovatón to repeat as president of the committee. organizer for next year.

The President of the Republic enthusiastically greeted the host. the directors of the club, the players and the coaching staff.

The directors of the different top basketball clubs were present, the Minister of Youth, Rafael Feliz; the sports immortal, Fernando Teruel; Diego Pesqueira, president of the National District Basketball Association, and Renzo Vargas, of the Bameso Club Basketball Commission.

Club Deportivo Bameso celebrates its 58th anniversary next Friday. They were founded, a period in which they have conquered 27 champion titles in the top volleyball tournaments, combined in both branches, as well as 27 titles. as three crowns in district basketball (2011-2012 and 2022).

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