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Premiere of the week: Artem Pyvovarov recorded the track “Oh, Panno!” with famous comedians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar16,2024

Premier of the week: Artem Pivovarov recorded the track

Artem Pyvovarov/YouTube

Ukrainian performer Artem Pyvovarov, as part of the author's cultural project “Your poems, my notes”, recorded a new track “Oh, Panno” together with the newly formed band “The Vusa” . Watch the original clip on YouTube.

This work differs from all previous ones released within the project in terms of approach and presentation. It is positive, bright and designed to give a good mood, which is extremely important now, when light energy is very lacking.

Visualization “Oh, Miss!” – a kind of short film that everyone can interpret in their own way. This vivid work of imagination, full of humor, returns to the times of “mustachioed funk” – an important page in the history of Ukrainian music, when, despite the information vacuum, talented Ukrainians followed world trends and successfully integrated them into Ukrainian culture.

I've been making a lot of serious music lately, and this time I decided to take a different route. This is how a new branch of the project “Your poems, my notes” was born – the group “The Mustache”. I was pleasantly surprised that in this work “Lions on a jeep”, Lyosha Durnev and Mark Kutsevalov showed themselves not only as good actors, but also as performers, because they also took part in the recording and coped with the task perfectly, – said Pivovarov.< /strong>

According to him, there should be balance in everything, and humor is what always helps us not to lose heart. It is important that this collaboration is not only a good musical story with a positive vibe, but also an opportunity to help our military, because first of all, all our forces are aimed at supporting the soldiers who protect our country.

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