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Prime Minister Scott Moe's thoughts on a tumultuous year | Review of the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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The Prime Minister of Saskatchewan's Scott Moe says he's worried about “unrealistic policies” regarding climate.


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From climate change to provincial parental rights legislation, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe believes his government has acted in the economic and social interest of the province in 2023.

This gives us an opportunity to talk about how we produce [food and energy] from an environmental perspective, particularly with regard to carbon intensity, says Scott Moe about his time at COP28. I would say it was worth the investment.

Mr. Moe adds that he is worried about unrealistic climate policies. I understand some of the initiatives presented by the federal government of Canada, says Scott Moe, what bothers me […] are the unrealistic regulations that are put in place in the meantime.

The province has decided to eliminate the carbon tax on heating with natural gas and electricity from January 2024.

Results for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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Reviews for the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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The first Minister Scott Moe says his government is focused on short-term actions to improve the health care system as a first step.

This is why you have seen in the short term certain investments which will produce results in a much shorter period of time, he explains, I think in particular mammograms and biopsies that we purchased from a private provider in Calgary.

Recruiting health-care workers is the second part of the plan to address existing pressures in the province's health-care system, according to Scott Moe.

We have hired more than 800 new graduates, including 400 foreign-qualified nurses, but that is still not enough, says Mr. Moe.

He adds that openness and collaboration must continue between the different levels of the health system and the province, particularly regarding actions to relieve emergency services.

Walking into an emergency room and being told you can come back next Thursday for a detox bed , it just doesn't work, says Premier Scott Moe. We need to take these people by the hand and bring them in front of the healthcare professional they need.

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LGBTQ+ protesters outside the legislature in Regina, Saskatchewan, protesting the proposed parental rights bill, October 17, 2023. (File photo)

This fall, the Saskatchewan government invoked the notwithstanding clause for its parental rights policy. This was strongly criticized by organizations fighting for the rights of LGBTQ+ people. However, the majority of Saskatchewan people support this policy, according to a poll.

What we did was essentially bring forward and normalize a policy in school divisions and schools across the province that was largely in place and largely a status quo policy for years. .

A quote from Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan.

What happened in Lumsden with these cards being made available to a class has, I think, really stimulated public debate and raised awareness among parents about this subject in general, says Prime Minister .

Mr. Moe maintains that he was informed of the letters being sent to the Department of Education during the legal proceedings.

We all want to have the most constructive, positive, supportive learning environment for all children who attend our schools, says the Premier of Saskatchewan. We may disagree on some points about how to get there, but we must never lose sight of where we are going in this regard.

In addition, Prime Minister Scott Moe described as unhealthy the events that took place in the grounds of the legislative building in Regina as part of a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Questions arise as to the involvement of certain opposition deputies in the organization of this demonstration which moved to the chambers and which brought unprecedented disruption to government activities. None of this is healthy, deplores Scott Moe.

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