Pregnant accidentally filmed a “Ghost”

Reddit has posted a video with a pregnant in bed, which is not indifferent to Internet users. Girlfriend filmed their own belly, but accidentally captured a “Ghost”.

Беременная случайно сняла на камеру «призрака»

A pregnant woman recently appeared regularly feeling that she was being watched. Information about the history shared by the brother of the girl. He showed a movie, which depicted the stomach, and at the end of the video you can see a dark spherical shape of the object. Pregnant at first didn’t even notice him. She drew attention to the strangeness only when re-watching the video. Lady says that at the time of shooting was in the room alone. Behind the door was making the sounds a cat and around the house went the dog. Pets are white color, so the appearance of a dark object in the video puzzled the girl. She suggested that the camera lens hit the head. Pregnant sent a video in Snapchat and nick asked her to relocate.

Беременная случайно сняла на камеру «призрака»

The brother of the author of the video believes that his sister filmed the Ghost. Video pregnant signed with the words: “My heart breaks”. The mysterious “head” hit the shot at the moment when the child stirred in the womb.

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