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PPU Chauveau: citizens doubt the consultation process

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The wooded area of ​​Châtels, popular with citizens in the area , will be affected by the specific town planning program.

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The Marchand administration is giving itself 18 months to adopt a new specific urban planning program which will modify the zoning of land in the Chauveau sector.

There were more than a hundred, Tuesday evening, to participate in the extraordinary session of the Châtels neighborhood council on the public consultation process launched by the City of Quebec to provide a 2 km² plot of land in Haute-Sainte-Charles with 'a first special urban planning program (PPU).

What will the weight of citizens be, asked a participant from the outset.

The land is the property of Groupe Dallaire. Under the Labeaume administration, the City wanted to see the development of an industrial or innovation park. The place is located right next to the Chauveau Innovation Space where we find, among other things, the Simons warehouse. On the site, there is also a wooded area popular with residents of the area.

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The sector targeted by the specific urban planning program is a 2km² plot of land along the Henri-IV highway.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Highly frequented, the place was closed a few months ago by the owner for security reasons.

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The City now proposes to preserve part of the land and reconcile permitted uses between industrial, residential and environmental needs. If we are here, it is to find a way of passage, said the councilor responsible for urban planning at the City of Quebec, Mélissa Coulombe-Leduc, accompanied by her colleague, district councilor, Marie-Josée Asselin .

For more than two hours, they answered numerous questions from citizens. Some are now asking the City to buy back the land to remove it from any development.

We do not intend to acquire this entire land. Because we have needs.

A quote from Marie-Josée Asselin, councilor for the Loretteville-Les Châtels district

In the district of Haute Sainte-Charles, the rate of vacancy is at 0.3%, argued the advisor. The housing crisis is very real, according to Marie-Josée Asselin, who warns citizens that the City will not be able to protect all the wooded areas that still exist. We must be able to meet needs.

The City aims to build 80,000 housing units by 2040.

Marie-Josée Asselin took advantage of the presence of the owner of the land in the room , Michel Dallaire, to remind citizens that the approach would not be possible if he had not demonstrated openness to modify his project. He takes steps with us so that we can reach a consensus.

The latest version of the site development project was submitted before the 2021 election and it provided for the complete disappearance of the wooded area. This is what you would have in your backyard if we had not opposed it, argued the district councilor in the face of the insistence of citizens who question the real desire of the Marchand administration to reach a consensus .

For many, the last public consultation for the Chauveau Innovation Space, located right next door, left a bitter taste. Are you really going to listen to us?, insisted a citizen.

Marie-Josée Asselin assured that her team was not taking this step to leave citizens' concerns aside. We wouldn't be here in front of you if we didn't believe in it, she added.

The consultation which is beginning contains several stages including citizen meetings and a questionnaire which will be possible to complete in the coming months. The City promises to put in place a communications plan to reach as many citizens as possible.

The Marchand administration aims to adopt the PPU in September 2025, just before the municipal elections to avoid a period of uncertainty if the mayor's team were defeated, argued Councilor Asselin.

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