Powerful, over-the-counter, low-cost phone malware on the web

Powerful, over-the-counter, low-cost phone malware on the web

Cybersecurity firm Check Point has lifted the veil on malware that poses great danger to Android mobile devices. Named Rogue, this virus can steal an impressive amount of personal data, but above all it can be easily used by anyone at low cost.

The dark web and the black market are unfortunately full of viruses and malware that hackers can obtain and then attempt to fraud the web.

The cyber security company Check Point released a report on one of them named Snape.

Available for as little as US $ 29.99, the latter would be extremely easy to use by hackers who acquire it and is particularly dangerous for the features it offers.

The dangers of Snape for our Android phone or tablet

Check Point explains in detail the genesis of this virus in his report, but here we will focus on what this malware can do.

The latter aims to infect Android phones or tablets. It is spread via a fraudulent download if one clicks on a malicious link on the web, email or text message.

Once we inadvertently download Snape, it “disguises” itself as a Google service in an attempt to pass as being legitimate in our eyes.

Pop-ups ask us to give it permissions and we are kind of forced to accept, because our device offers no other possibility.

Once the permissions have been granted, Rogue will give himself access as an administrator of the device. The wolf is in the fold …

No matter how hard we try to remove it and revoke access, it threatens us to erase all the content on our device.

With our phone’s access in hand, here are some of the main dangerous commands it can perform:

  • Consult our location
  • Intercept our text messages
  • Send text messages
  • Divert our phone calls
  • Record our telephone conversations
  • Record videos or take photos with our cameras
  • Take screenshots and record the content of our screen
  • Install and open applications (probably malicious)
  • Steal our contact lists
  • Delete files on the device
  • Intercept all our notifications

And the list unfortunately goes on. In short, it’s literally like the hackers have our phone in their hands.

How to Protect Yourself from Rogue Malicious Software

It’s always the same song for whatever viruses and malware are out there, the key is vigilance and protecting yourself in advance.

Vigilance by not clicking anywhere and by looking closely at the e-mail address or telephone number of the senders.

Analyze links or files with the free website Total Virus who can identify if it is something malicious.

Update your phone with the latest security version of Android available for our device.

Then finally, get an antivirus on Android to add a layer of protection and not install and give access to Rogue on our device.

The best antivirus for Android phone and tablet

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