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Power2X intends to invest 1 billion euros in the production of

It is planned that after the full construction of the plant will produce up to 500 thousand tons of “green” of methanol per year. The production will be based on waste from logging and “green” hydrogen, which will be obtained from the energy of future offshore wind farms in Estonia.

Power2X plans to create a “green” energy center in Pärnu, in the industrial area of ​​Niidu.

This “green” methanol will help reduce carbon emissions from the production of chemicals, marine fuel, aviation fuel and emissions from other carbon-emitting industries both domestically and abroad. The production potential will prevent the emission of 1 million tons of CO2 per year.

The project is currently at the stage of preparation of a technical and economic feasibility study and is undergoing the procedure for obtaining permits. Production is scheduled to begin in 2028.

Power2X develops decarbonization projects focused on the production of “clean” hydrogen, ammonia and methanol, and has a diversified portfolio of projects across Europe (including MadoquaPower2X, ammonia production in Portugal, and ErasmoPower2X, a solar and green project).

Power2X is headquartered in Amsterdam. Financial support for Power2X is provided by the investment company CPP Investments.

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