Potential goal of migraine treatment revealed

Potential goal of migraine treatment revealed

Migraine is one of the most common diseases of the nervous system, which has very severe headaches in its symptoms. People with migraine have a significantly reduced quality of life.

Potential goal of migraine treatment revealed

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The cause of migraine is most often a violation of the function of the neurotransmitter, which, upon completion of its work in the space between neurons, should release it, but this does not always happen. Sometimes the reuptake effect occurs, which leads to overexcitation of the nervous system.

A team of scientists led by Kohichi Tanaka of Tokyo University of Medicine and Dentistry hypothesized that overexcitation of the nervous system may be due to a molecular vector that works to reduce this overexcitation. Taknaka and his team have suggested that recurrent migraines may be associated with impaired glutamate transport. This means that changing the schedule between meals can help in solving the problem.

GLAS previously wrote that research has shown that by shortening the time to eat and intermittent fasting, it is indeed possible to solve some health problems.

According to glas.ru

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