Portoferraio naval officers discovered shark-like animal with pig-like face

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Naval officers from Portoferraio, a town on the island of Elba (Italy), recently discovered a fish floating offshore, to say the least intriguing. They have indeed brought out of the water an animal having the body of a shark and whose face is similar to that of a pig. Very quickly, several rumors circulated claiming that he was some kind of mutant, reports a Mirror article. But it is not.

Specialists have managed to identify this species with a flat muzzle and two dorsal fins. It is actually an Oxynotus centrina, an extremely rare and endangered angular rough shark.

The sea creature is on the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List, which is the most comprehensive inventory of the overall conservation status of species. Experts had never seen such a shark before because it usually prefers to spend its time more than 700 meters below the surface.

A specialist explained to our British colleagues that if this species is nicknamed “pigfish”, it is not only because of its appearance. When it comes out of the water, it also utters a sort of growl, like the cry of the omnivorous mammal.

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Natasha Kumar

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