Porsche to turn to F1 with Red Bull

Porsche to turn to F1 with Red Bull

Porsche has spoken about a full partnership plan with Red Bull for a F1 rotation in 2026 and has confirmed the completion of negotiations. In addition, as the Volkswagen Group praised the fate of Porsche in Formula 1, the German company held talks with Red Bull about a potential partnership in 2026.

Moreover, in the remainder of the month, there were excuses that Porsche was going to take part in 50 % of the Red Bull Racing team. For the rest of the shifts, please don't do it.

It's Friday before The Italian Grand Prix Porsche has announced that these negotiations have ended and that there will be no partnership with Red Bull.

“Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG and Red Bull GmbH have held talks about the possibility of Porsche entering Formula 1,” – go to the news.

Zadum zavzhdi polagag that the partnership will be founded on equal ambushes, as we include not only the partnership of the dvigun, but also the team. This is impossible to reach.

With the residual changes in the rules of the racing series, everything is still filled with an added middle ground for Porsche, as it will be far away.”

Plans of the VW Group

Porsche to turn to F1 with Red Bull< /p>

Porsche said to turn to F1 with Red Bull

Porsche and the other subsidiary brand of the VW Group (Audi) are due to come to Formula 1 in 2026 with the coming generations of power units and focus on ecological types of fire.

Audi has always planned to go to Formula 1 as an engine builder, and the company's plans were announced for the last Belgian Grand Prix.

The one who wants to take 50% of the stake in the Red Bull team, which has led to the prospect of negotiations.

Red Bull and Porsche were talking about their partnership plans for the Austrian Grand Prix in the middle of the fall, but the negotiations dragged on.

Red Bull Independence

Porsche said F1 turn to Red Bull

Porsche spoke about turning to F1 with Red Bull

Christian Horner of Red Bull, having spoken out over the last few days on the importance of saving one's own independence and housing estate, has been quick to react, and that Red Bull Powertrains' plans for 2026 are still poking around, regardless of whether it's a possible new partner.

< p>“The team is Red Bull's greatest marketing asset in the world. Is it time for us to make a strategic compromise with a long-term perspective?” – Horner said the past week in Zandvoort.

“We will see 2026 again. We hired some of the best professionals from Formula 1 to Red Bull Powertrains, we built the plant in 55 years of newly commissioned dynamic stands, we built our first prototype engine in 2026 and launched everything before the summer break.

We know each other on the right trajectory, so as not to lie in the old part of the investment, as a strategically correct partner. credit for Porsche for 2026 It's possible that the brand will switch its respect to other races.

Earlier this year, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said that other racers check their time to come to the championship, as Porsche plans not to succeed.