Popular myths about space that it's time to expose (PHOTO)

Popular myths about space that it's time to expose (PHOTO)

Today they say a lot about the fact that the earth's orbit is polluted by old satellites, they say, it's time to introduce a new specialty – space scavengers. Other news publications convince people that travel to Mars is impossible due to large amounts of radiation. It's time to debunk popular myths about space created by Hollywood blockbusters. Where is truth and where is fiction?

Popular myths about space that are about to be debunked (PHOTO)


There is no gravity in space

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

Many are convinced that astronauts aboard the ISS are in zero gravity due to the lack of gravity. In fact, the force of gravity is everywhere, thanks to it our planet moves in the solar orbit and keeps the Moon nearby. Although gravity weakens at large distances, at an altitude of about 380 km from the Earth it is 85–90%. How then does it come about that astronauts levitate in the air? The speed of rotation of the ISS in the Earth's orbit is 7.9 km/s, they do not fly, but are in a state of free fall.


Earth is a planet with unique resources

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTO)

Due to ideal climatic conditions, the presence of water and oxygen, life originated on Earth. It is believed that these features make our planet a tasty morsel for extraterrestrial civilizations, films and books about the alien invasion are built on this concept. But scientists are skeptical about such ideas. Precious metals, fuels and minerals of the Earth are found on other planets in much larger volumes, as is water in gaseous or frozen form. Pluto is 30% ice, and water is also found on comets and space asteroids. And space is full of fuel, alcohol, ammonia, diamonds and gold. We are not unique.


Space debris is the #1 problem

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

Have you heard the horror story that the Earth's orbit will soon turn into a landfill, and China has long been testing satellites to combat space debris? Hollywood films are released on this topic, which show how garbage destroys expensive satellite systems, damages the structure of the ISS, leaves earthlings without the Internet. Of course, this is an assumption. The risk of satellites colliding with space debris is low (the last one took place 13 years ago), the debris flight path is monitored, the course can be easily changed, because the spaces around the Earth are huge. In addition, old satellites are disposed of by being put into another orbit or into the atmosphere, where they burn up. And even if satellite communications are in danger of failing, we will continue to use the Internet and mobile phones, which depend on local radio towers and a system of submarine communication cables.


The Dark Side The moons are a real mystery

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTO) )

Due to the similarity of the periods of rotation of the Earth and the Moon, people can only see one hemisphere of the lunar disk, the second always remains in the shadow. This feature gave rise to a lot of speculation, dozens of conspiracy theories, to the point that aliens live there, who observe the life of earthlings, or that Hitler fled there with the leaders of the Third Reich, who is awaiting retribution. But pictures of the second side of the moon were taken back in 1959 by a team of Soviet scientists. Today, each person can go online and look at the Moon from all angles, in order to make sure that there is nothing mysterious there.


The closer the Earth is to the Sun, the sooner summer is coming

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

Can you answer the simple question of why the seasons change? Most people will say that it's all about the movement of the Earth in orbit: the closer we are to the Sun, the warmer, the farther away, the colder. In fact, the planet reaches the point of perihelion in January, aphelion in July. It's not about distance, but about the tilt of the earth's axis, due to which the sun's rays are either absorbed by the Earth's surface (then the temperature heats up), or reflected from it (and everything freezes). Therefore, it is cold at the poles – the Sun rises very low above the horizon there.


Sputnik-1 was the first to conquer space

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

It is known that the Russians were the first to visit outer space thanks to Korolev, who coordinated the launch of Sputnik-1. But this is only part of the truth. Our satellite was the first to gain a foothold in near-Earth orbit in 1957, before that, attempts to enter space were made by the Nazis using the V-2 ballistic missile. In 1944, they managed to overcome the Karman line, conquering a height of 188 km.


The dog Laika became the first animal in weightlessness

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

The story about the brave mongrel who went into space in 1948 was not heard only by the lazy. Alas, the capsule got too hot when the satellite was launched, so the animal died of cardiac arrest. Subsequently, Laika's feat was repeated by 48 more dogs and 15 monkeys, half of which managed to survive. However, she was not the first living creature in space, fruit flies flew there before her, on which the Germans studied the effects of radiation.


The shuttles were abandoned due to their unreliability

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

There is a myth that the Americans refused to launch shuttles because of the high accident rate of spacecraft. But this is nonsense. Of the 135 flights, only two ended in a fatal tragedy. For comparison: “Soyuz” by 2011 had the same crash statistics for 116 launches. The reason for the abandonment of the shuttles was the high cost of the space program, which ate up billions of dollars of the state budget and brought nothing in return. It was cheaper for the US government to buy seats on a Soviet ship than to organize independent flights. Today, NASA found a way to make the space program cheaper thanks to SpaceX and their Dragon 2 spacecraft.


While NASA was inventing the pen, the Russians were using the pencil

Popular space myths that need to be debunked (PHOTOS)

How were important events documented in weightlessness? There is a myth that Soviet astronauts wrote with a pencil while “stupid Americans” spent billions of dollars to invent a pen that could write in any temperature and conditions. In fact, American astronauts also used pencils until engineer Paul Fisher invented a pen with a unique pressurized refill that could be used underwater and in zero gravity. The entrepreneur sold it to NASA for $3 a piece, now anyone around the world can buy one.


Astronauts eat only liquid food from tubes

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

Ground meat, soups, yoghurts, chocolate – in tubes there is any dish that can be eaten without cutlery with minimal waste. Only from the beginning of the 80s did they decide to abandon this practice in favor of sublimated products. Now it is enough to pour the powder with water to get cottage cheese with nuts, borscht, scrambled eggs, Greek salad or roast. Astronauts' food is as varied as possible, and they are also supplied with fruits, vegetables and sweets.


Dreams of conquering Mars are meaningless

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTOS)

Earth protects people from a lethal dose of radiation thanks to its magnetic field, but being in space is not safe, as is expansion to other planets. That is why many ridicule Elon Musk's dreams of conquering Mars. However, scientists are far from being so skeptical. The radiation background on Mars is only 2.5 times higher than the radiation level on the ISS, if you protect the spacecraft from radiation, and build a protective dome on Mars, there are chances to build the second promised land. According to scientists, a year and a half of being on the Red Planet increases the risk of cancer by only 5%, for science this is not a sacrifice.


A collision with an asteroid is deadly for humanity

Popular space myths that are about to be debunked (PHOTO)

A long time ago, dinosaurs died out from the fall of a meteorite, today each approach of an asteroid is covered in detail in the media, we monitor the news, we are worried. Still would! A small meteorite, falling to Earth, can provoke an explosion with the power of 50 atomic bombs. But the truth is that, according to scientists, every year thousands of celestial bodies with a diameter of up to 20 meters fall on our planet. Most of them burn up in the atmosphere, turning into dust. Because of this cosmic dust, the Earth is getting heavier by 50-80 thousand tons per year, although for it this is a drop in the ocean.