Pope Francis in Marseille: Will Emmanuel Macron listen to the “welcome message” of migrants?

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openness Several left-wing figures have called on the Head of State to be receptive to Pope Francis' messages of openness towards welcoming migrants < p>Pope Francis in Marseille: Will Emmanuel Macron listen to the “welcome message” of migrants”? /></p>
<p>Pope Francis receives Emmanuel Macron during an audience at the Vatican on November 26, 2021. — <em class=VATICAN MEDIA/IPA/Shutterstock/SIPA

After the king, the sovereign pontiff. Emmanuel Macron will speak with Pope Francis during his visit to France. Marseille which starts on Friday. Several left-wing elected officials then called for the president of the Republic to take the opportunity to listen to the “courageous” of the Pope on migrants.

“If Emmanuel Macron can open his ears to the message delivered by Pope Francis on migrants, it would be good news but he is not taking the path at all,” judged ; LFI MP Clémentine Autain on LCI. “It’s a message of humanity. and we are in a moment whereù the President of the Republic has decided to to upgrade yet another law on the agenda which will further tighten reception conditions migrants, she lamented.

A “courageous” welcome message

La France insoumise is organizing a rally on Friday evening Marseille “in solidarity” with the victims of anti-migrant barbarism. It will be a « secular collection echoing the “the action of the believers who gathered in the ceremony with Pope Francis”, specifies LFI.

« His message on welcoming migrants is extremely courageous,” judged on his side ecologist Sandrine Rousseau on Sud Radio “He has a word that we hear less and less, which is a word of sensitivity. à the other,” estimated the member for Paris.

« We have a utilitarian discourse on economic immigration which would serve us, we also have a discourse of rejection, with the idea a great, completely fantasized replacement. And there, we have something that puts the church back in the middle of the village, which is to say “a man is a man, a woman is a woman and whatever his skin color, he has the same “my basic needs”,” she congratulated herself.