Polyakova reacted sharply to the rallies in Russia against the mobilization

Polyakova reacted sharply to the rallies in Russia against the mobilization

Polyakova reacted sharply to anti-mobilization rallies in Russia

Olya Polyakova reacted at a protest in the Russian Federation through mobilization, voiced on April 21 by dictator Volodymyr Putin to recruit new soldiers for the war against Ukraine. The sharp turn of the stars to the Russians suffocated the Ukrainian musician and blogger to create a song.

Words from the promo of the Queen of the Night Vanya Russell put on music, and for the clip & # 8220; Graveyard & # 8221; vikoristav cadres from rallies near Russia. Polyakova published such a new hit on her Instagram.

The artist, commenting on the Russians dying down “Life to our children!” out of a protest action, brought respect, that from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the stench was forced in for the better, just to keep watch over it, what is happening, on TV and on the Internet, like this month of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation bombed Ukrainian cities, bombed people occupant attacks.

Now, if the Russians themselves have stumbled across the ranks of the army of the Russian Federation, they have risen through great spending, and it is likely to divide the sum of the garbniks & # 8211; the stench panicked.

“And where did you go earlier!? Only if you, Russians, it hit especially hard, and fear for your children made you rush to go out into the street, and you rushed out, and you rushed to galasuete! And our children didn’t hurt you!? And our children will not need life!?” – put Olya Polyakova rhetorically nutrition.

The artist is naked, now the Russians have a chance to reap the fruits of their motherhood and & #8220; ;.

Axis of Polyakova's own promo:

From such an angry video turning Polyakova to the Russians, blogger Ivan Russell created a musical “clip”. The track was rated by the star herself, who played the hit on her account.

The axis of the song was written with the name “Mogilizatsiya”: