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Polls, strikes and labor laws: Jean Boulet takes stock of the session

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Jean Boulet was elected as a provincial deputy for the first time in 2018, then re-elected in 2022. (Photo: November 22, 2023)

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In light of the most recent political polls, Quebec Minister of Labor and MP for Trois-Rivières, Jean Boulet believes that his party must “correct the situation” where necessary. In his report on the fall session of the National Assembly, the CAQ representative mentions the importance of “listening to citizens” and concluding an agreement with the public sector.

A survey distributed by L'Actualitéat the end of November shows that the party's popularity is declining. There is the cliché of saying that we do not want to comment on the polls, but in reality, we take note of the results of the polls, we analyze them and we make sure to correct the situation where possible. to do, affirms Jean Boulet.

The best recipe to fight against polls which are negative, is to do everything you can to help people.

A quote from Jean Boulet, MP for Trois-Rivières

He believes that the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) must continue to define itself in the context of the future. action, in [its] measures, [its] programs.

Tough parliamentary session for Legault, who does not intend to change his recipe

As Quebec Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet plays a certain role in strikes in the health and education sectors. I contribute in my own way by providing the best possible tools to enable rapid settlement, he explains.

LoadingWalkouts continue in the Quebec public sector

ELSE ON INFO: The walkouts continue in the Quebec public sector

He notably appointed a conciliator to the central table for negotiations with the Common Front and an additional conciliator to the sectoral tables.

I think he We must, at this stage, continue to negotiate. It is at the negotiating tables that this will be resolved, believes the CAQ MP.

I think that gradually the parties become closer, then we have to resolve [the conflict]. I know that the big loser in a labor conflict of this scale is the citizen, it’s all of us.

A quote from Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor of Quebec

According to him, it is possible to reach an agreement before the holiday season.

I love what I do, says the minister straight away when asked about the next provincial elections.

The files they deal with fascinate him. I tabled a bill to fight against harassment and violence of a physical and psychological nature, particularly of a sexual nature in the workplace, that excites me, he mentions, adding that he also looked at issues in the construction sector.

Labor standards, health, safety, pay equity, negotiations in the private sector, these are all issues that concern me.

A quote from Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor of Quebec

At the start of the next session, normally, I would have to table another bill and I had to ;other projects in mind, says the MP.

He says his next projects will focus on labor laws. I am interested in simplifying and modernizing certain labor laws in Quebec, adapting them, ensuring that they respond well to the new realities of the job market that we know, then giving myself a vision of the future of the labor market.

Jean Boulet is also minister responsible for the Mauricie region, the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and the Nord-du-Québec region and wishes to be present for these regions.

The member for Trois-Rivières also believes that his party has been extremely active in Mauricie.

According to the interview conducted on the show Toujours le matin

Jean Boulet in an interview on the show Always in the morning

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