Poll: Bitcoin would rather fall to $10,000 than return to $30,000

Poll: Bitcoin would rather fall to $10,000 than return to $30,000

Poll: Bitcoin would rather fall to $10,000 than return to $30,000

60% of investors surveyed by Bloomberg say Bitcoin price to $10,000 is more likely. Recovery to $30,000 is basic scenario for the remaining 40%.

The study involved 950 respondents. 

In comparison with institutional investors, there were more skeptics among retail investors. Almost one in four called the first cryptocurrency “garbage” (18% among professional market participants).

The same ratio was not in favor of digital gold in the options “open-minded, but skeptical” and “skeptical, but participating in one form or another” – 27% vs. 32% and 22% vs. 23%, respectively.

Poll: Bitcoin would rather fall to $10,000 than return to $30,000

Data: Bloomberg.

Respondents expressed confidence that recent developments in the crypto market will prompt regulators to tighten their oversight of the industry. This can increase trust and lead to further popularization of digital assets.

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Most respondents expressed confidence in the strong positions of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the next five years, despite the active preparation of the central banks to launch the CBDC.

Only 9% of study participants consider NFTs as an investment opportunity. For the rest, non-fungible tokens are art projects and status symbols, to which the former hype will no longer return.

Recall that the head of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, doubted the price reduction of the first cryptocurrency to $13,000.

Earlier, the head of the management company Rockefeller International, Ruchir Sharma, noted that bitcoin needs to get rid of excess leverage in order to become sustainable again.

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