POLL – Biden Leads Trump 10 Points After President Takes Coronavirus

POLL – Biden Leads Trump 10 Points After President Takes Coronavirus

POLL-Biden Leads Trump 10 Points After President Takes Coronavirus

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Democrat Joe Biden extended his presidential lead to a month high after US President Donald Trump contracted the coronavirus, Reuters / Ipsos poll results showed Sunday.

Most Americans believe Trump could have avoided the disease if he had taken the virus more seriously, a survey found.

A nationwide poll conducted Oct. 2 and 3 found that the president was unable to garner more support outside of the mainstream supporter group. Trump has repeatedly questioned the severity of the pandemic, seeing it as something that should go away on its own, and criticized Biden for wearing a face shield.

Among voters expected to vote on November 3, 51% supported Biden, and 41% said they would vote for Trump, according to the poll. Another 4% support a third-party candidate, the other 4% are undecided.

Biden is now 10 points ahead of Trump, 1-2 points higher than in the previous few weeks.

With less than a month left before the election, Biden managed to maintain a national advantage. However, to win the presidency, a candidate needs to get a majority of the electoral college votes. Trump, according to polls, is almost as popular in key states as Biden.

Most Americans are still seriously concerned about the coronavirus. The poll found that 65%, including 9 out of 10 registered Democrats and 5 in 10 registered Republicans, agree that “if President Trump had taken the coronavirus more seriously, he probably wouldn't have been infected.”

The president's response to the COVID-19 pandemic is generally disapproved by 57% of the nationwide poll, up about 3 points from last week's poll.

Americans also seem to be very supportive of the idea of limiting the presidential race for the sake of overall security.

An end to face-to-face campaigns is wanted by 67% of Americans, and 59% think the debate should be postponed until Trump recovers.

It is unclear how Trump's illness will affect the next round of debates, scheduled for October 15.

1,005 Americans took part in the Reuters poll, including 596 potential voters.

In 2016, only 61% of Americans eligible to vote took part in the vote.

(Chris Kahn, translated by Olga Devyatiarova. Editor Marina Bobrova)

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