Politics trash radio: The coalition stumbled on street gangs – “Double shock effect”

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On Politikia Puskaradio, the latest election setups are revealed and how Finland's NATO path worked behind the scenes.jari.hanska@iltalehti.fiYesterday at 13:00

Politikans pusharadio: The coalition stumbled on street gangs – ”Tuplash shock effect”

political reporter Mika Koskinen, Lauri Nurmi and Jari Hanskaassessed whether the coalition possibly made a mistake when it started to campaign with the fight against street gang violence during the elections. The theme has been especially on the agenda of the basic Finns.

– Was it a rush for the coalition to go out and piss off (basic Finns) and raise this debate, because the response of the coalition is not as strict as that of the basic Finns, Hanska asks her colleagues.


– Here it can happen that if the coalition actively raises such a theme, it will benefit basic Finns, Koskinen estimates.

Nurmi, on the other hand, brings out that in Swedish politics there is a lot of talk about ownership of different themes. In this case, the parties try to keep the themes they mostly “own” on display.

– The moderates have owned the economic policy in the eyes of the voters. The Sweden Democrats have owned the immigration policy and the Social Democrats the health policy, Nurmi opens.

– When immigration has been discussed, even if it has been held by parties other than the Sweden Democrats, it has raised the Sweden Democrats.

On the wrong side

Puskaradio's jury ends to the fact that the coalition may have quite a misjudgment on its hands.

– The coalition has made the mistake of going to the wrong places. At the same time, their main theme (the economy) has been shaky, says Koskinen.

– This will have a double shock effect if they are unable to explain this economic theme in clear Finnish.

In addition, the studio will prepare the results of the parties' image survey and the last steps of Finland's NATO ratification.

In the joke of the week, we are on the brink of gray.

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Political trash radio: The coalition stumbled on street gangs – ”Double shock effect”

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