Politics trash radio: Sweden's commander-in-chief revealed how Finland is defended – “morning coffees in the wrong throat” at the headquarters of the Defense Forces

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Politikan Puskaradio reveals what kind of reaction the Swedish Defense Forces commander's interview caused in the Finnish Defense Forces headquarters.jari.hanska@iltalehti.fi Today at 20:52

Politikikan puskaradio: Sweden's supremeäällikkö revealed how Finland is defended –  In the Defense Forces headquarters, ”morning coffee down the throat”

Politikia Puskaradio will go over the milestones of Finland's NATO process, which has turned to the finish line, this week and create a look at the situation where Finland is a NATO country, but Sweden is not. The matter was discussed in the studio by political reporter Mika Koskinen, Lauri Nurmiand Jari Hanska.

Nurmi says that he asked the commander of the Swedish Defense Forces, Micael Bydén, about Sweden's plans to defend Finland in a situation where Russia would attack. In an interview with Nurme, Bydén explained in detail what kind of help Sweden would expect.

– We are training to come to the aid of the Uusimaa brigade or for the Uusimaa brigade to arrive in the Stockholm archipelago as quickly as possible. Let's talk about lessons, Bydén told Iltalehti in an interview in January.

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Nurmi reveals that after the publication of the interview, he met an officer of the Finnish Defense Forces, whose morning coffee had gone down the wrong throat.

- I know high-ranking officers, and in the piston days I met one of them. He said that they were reading this story from Iltalehti in the headquarters and the morning coffee went down the wrong throat, says Nurmi.

Nurmi tells the officer that he wondered what the issue was.

– We are absolutely forbidden to talk about these operational joint plans with Sweden. The Swedish commander says that the Swedish brigade will come to Lapland to fight against the Russians, Nurmi repeats the officer's answer, horrified.

At the same time, the officer confirmed that Bydén's plans were correct.

Politikas puskaradio also reviews the parties' positions as the elections approach. In the joke of the week, the minister does not fare well in comparison to Putin.

On Politikian Puskaradio, Iltalehti's political editors review the week's hottest topics and gossip. The new episode is published on Fridays.

Political push radio: Sweden's commander-in-chief revealed how Finland is defended – n's throat”

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