Politics trash radio: Did Sanna Marin make a mistake in Ukraine? Finland found itself in an embarrassing situation

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This week on Politiikan Puskaradio we talk about Sauli Niinistö's trip to Turkey, Sanna Marin's fighter jets and tactical voting in the exciting parliamentary elections.marko-oskari.lehtonen@iltalehti.fi Today at 11:40

Politiikan Puskaradio -podcast this week has a wide range of current hot potatoes, which make a tasty soup.

In the studio, Iltalehti's political editors Marko-Oskari Lehtonen, Kreeta Karvala and Boss of the Year finalist Juha Ristamäki.

Prime Minister Sanna Marinin(sd)'s recent visit to Ukraine caused an uproar when Marin told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in connection with his visit that Finland could discuss giving old Hornet fighters to Ukraine.

Marini's Hornet launch came as a complete surprise to President Sauli Niinistö, who heads foreign and security policy, and Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonnen (center), who say that Finland will need Hornets for its own air defense for years to come.

Marin has denied that he promised fighter jets to Ukraine, but Ukraine has already requested a Hornet discussion with Finland and the United States, which manufactured the fighter jets.

Did Marin speak out of his mouth? Can the prime minister of Finland promise fighter jets to Ukraine at all? Why can't Finland hand over fighter jets to Ukraine? Who said and what?

In addition to the destroyers, the studio talks about Niinistö's trip to Turkey, tactical voting and the tight situation between the three largest party coalitions, Basic Finns and SDP, when the elections are just over a week away. to the questions.

In Politiikan puskaradio, Iltalehti's political reporters go over the week's hottest topics and gossip. The new episode will be published on Fridays.

Politikikan puskaradio: Mokasiko Sanna Marin in Ukraine? Finland got into an embarrassing situation

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