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Funding politics: a second CAQ deputy is the subject of an investigation

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Louis-Charles Thouin is MP for Rousseau, in Lanaudière.


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The Ethics Commissioner and ethics opens an investigation into a second member of the Coalition Avenir Québec, Louis-Charles Thouin, in matters of political financing.

It was the solidarity Vincent Marissal, Member of Parliament for Rosemont, who requested the opening of this investigation into possible breaches of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Members of the National Assembly.

The facts with which he is accused relate to a message sent by the CAQ MP to the mayors of the MRC of Montcalm inviting them to participate in a Coalition Avenir Québec fundraising activity in exchange for a meeting with a minister.

The member for Rosemont also relays certain passages of the invitation published by a media.

Mr. Thouin writes among other things: 'each MP must, each year, raise funds for the next elections, however this year I have decided to offer you a new formula.

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Last Tuesday, The Canadian Press indicated that the CAQ member invited the mayors of his constituency to a cocktail where, in exchange for a contribution to the electoral fund of $100, they could meet the Minister of Transport, Geneviève Guilbault, on February 8 in Saint-Jacques.< /p>

Deputy Marissal questions the obvious posture of accountability placing [Mr. Thouin] in a situation where his personal interest could influence his independence of judgment in the exercise of his office.

For Vincent Marissal, his colleague from the CAQ in the National Assembly acted in such a way as to favor the interests of these mayors in an abusive manner.

More details to come .

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